Wyndham Properties: vacation ownership timeshares Complaint

WYNDHAM "owner" timeshare - vacation "ownership" time share

- ??? all over ????

We purchased a Wyndham "ownership" time share on Dec. 30, 2009. (1ST mistake among many to follow ...all of which include time and money). We have yet to be able to utilize the service they so proudly tout...We are paying $256.00 per mo + $58.00 per month maintenace in addition to $2750.00 down. We seriously (were gullible enough)to believe this would be great!!! We had just gotten back from Jamaica and thought this would be a way to "pre-pay " our next vacation...Sure, if we could only find a place that was available.........Please WARN others!!! Please help us find a way to be rid of the this fantasy land nightmare!!!!!!!!! It is a "shell game" and a scam!!!!!

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