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Hired Tv Install Company; Tv Falls To Floor Weeks Later - Tv Installation

- VA

Thank you in advance for the wonderful work you do on behalf of the many helpless consumers who are often taken advantage of and have few options for defense. I am a hard working citizen of Virginia and have worked tireless hours to purchase my dream 46' Hitachi Plasma TV; forever changing Monday Night Football. After careful research, my fiancé and I selected a company online; WIRECOMINC.COM and scheduled them to come out to our residence in Falls Church, VA for service.

Mr. Hall, owner, along with two assistants mounted the TV on the wall at a rate of $350.00. Lost in our total excitement, we gave them an additional $50.00 in gratuity. Fast-forward one month, we're enjoying a movie on our new prized possession, and absent any warning; The entire TV falls off the wall, crashes to the floor sending shards of glass towards the couch, while flinging the wall bracket across the room. We were overwhelmed with shock, denial, then anger as we sat there in total disbelief.

After 30 minutes of traumatized silence, staring at ground zero, we called Mr. Hall and informed him of this disaster. He wasn’t surprised, yet mentioned that it had never happened before while assuring us he was fully insured. After closer examination of his work, we discovered, Mr. Hall & Co, used screws that were all different sizes and ultimately way too small. More troubling, is the fact that they didn’t anchor the screws into the wall studs.

This, he of course knew, in due time, would cause the TV to fall off the wall, either right after he left or within month. Mr. Hall offered and arranged a time to come by the residence and see firsthand, the results of his labor prior to filing a claim. On Thursday, August 23rd, at 10:00 am, Mr. Hall was scheduled to arrive at the residence. At 10:44 am I called to get an update from him as to his ETA? Mr. Hall informed me that he had other jobs, and that he didn’t have time to come nor confirm any other time.

He also mentioned that he didn’t know the screws were too small, yet he mounts these TVs on a daily bases. He has since not returned any calls, nor responded to any letters or emails. We are upset, but more so disappointed that individuals are allowed to continue to operate, “business as usual” absent any responsibility or concern for the assets of others, but more important, the safety of their customers.

Thank you in advance, for your time and consideration with this matter.

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