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Why pay off the for the rider and not the principal

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We lost our dad on 10/7/08,our mother filed a claim. our mother passed on 10/30/08 one day before before the check arrived for our dad. AAA stopped payment on the check. I told them we needed that money to bury our mother, and that I will sue them if we have to keep our mother out until they re-issue a check to the estate. So the manager who it took, several phone call to speak to. Told me that as soon as I could get my sibling to file for her benefits they would send the check. The check they sent was for her policy which we received on 11/07/08.She told me my father check would have to got to probate. because my mother passed away, My sister and myself was given power of attorney over her affairs. I called the bank and told them she passed and if I could just sign the check with my and poa and deposit it they said yes. my parent filed bankruptcy and owed no one, did not own a home car paid off which I told them. So now we have to to go through probate and hire a attorney for nothing.

This does not make sense to me. So I ask why pay off for the person who was a rider on a policy and send the money for the policy holder to probate? If my mother would have passed away a week later then they would not have had to pay us for her policy. They refuse to give me the name of the manager boss or if they had a complaint department.

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