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Wells Fargo Causes Potential Death to a Family - - Short Sale

- California

Dear Wells Fargo Executive Team,

As you can see by the vast number of executive's emailed here I am reaching out for help on behalf of my client's and we are cc'ing Jonathan B. Mills of Cumming's and Lockwood, LLC.

I am attaching the hardship letter for your reference that our mutual client has submitted to Wells Fargo Short Sale Department December 1st 2011, Loan number xxxxxxxxxx, Mr. and Mrs. xxxxxx.

Mr. and Mrs. xxxxxx applied for a short sale, yesterday I received an email from Wells Fargo saying the home owner was denied a short sale and to my surprise there was no reason as to why. Mr. xxxxxx has lost his job, his wife very sick now with Multiple Sclerosis and now has been forced to accept another job with less pay. In trying to do right by Wells Fargo, I have suggested to our mutual client's to continue to keep their mortgage current as this would be less of a burden on the investor and it is the right thing to do. Mr. and Mrs. xxxxxx have agreed to deplete their savings account in order to help Wells Fargo and to hold up to their contractual obligation until they have a successful short sale.

Mr. xxxxx has to now care for a dying spouse, all monthly medical insurance premiums no longer paid by his company, over 25% reduction in income due to his job loss and has been forced to accept another job in North Carolina, 2,685 miles away. This family has no doubt suffered a tremendous loss, an absolute hardship and now quite possibly the death of Mrs. xxxxx. I am appalled that Wells Fargo has ignored the plea of a family they call a customer.

I am requesting that someone please help our customer who has already suffered so much loss. I am requesting that a review be made and the decision to allow our client to have a successful short sale be made. On behalf of Mr. and Mrs. xxxxxx I am asking that you please approve this customer for a short sale, given the obvious hardship and their inability to pay their mortgage plus a home they rent in North Carolina, they simply can not afford the home. I am asking that you accept the offer which we have submitted, an offer that is at market value of the home and that you allow Mr. and Mrs. xxxxxx and their child to move on with their lives. Avoiding foreclosure has been their main goal, with the owners not living in the home and a declined short sale, this only pushes our mutual customer into a foreclosure which does not benefit the bank, the community our economy or Wells Fargo. My question to you as a team of executive's is how could a decision to decline a short sale when we have hardship, a willing seller and a willing buyer be in the best interest of anyone?

Please, understand that this decision by Wells Fargo to decline this short sale can only end up in a worse situation. I am fearful that the stress of this news will cause a downward spiral in the health of Mrs. xxxxx and I can not have her death on my hands nor would Wells Fargo want this on the front page of every newsstand and T. V channel across the states. Please help us avoid foreclosure and allow our mutual customer to move on with their lives.

This letter was sent today to every Chief Executive in Wells Fargo.

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