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I recently cancelled my account with Wachovia banks because they were charging me overdrafts when I wasn't overdrafting. After being charged about 300 dollars I decided to go to Washinton Mutual Bank since they are suppose to be a better bank. Well in the 3 weeks I've been a customer I've had my account frozen because they said I didn't sign a master form ,which I did. I was refused access to my money for several days before they realized they made a mistake and gave me access again and about a 100 appologise. I have also had to reorder a debit card now 3 times because someone either forgets to send it or order it. I am now stranded because I have no debit card and the bank is closed right now. I have no way of getting my money except taking another day off work to drive over an hour to the bank to reorder another debit card, which can only be done at a branch. This bank is costing me money and pissing off my employer because I have to miss another day of work cause of this. Plus since I have no access to my account I cant get money to get gas or food or pay any bills today. I will probably lose my electricity by Tuesday if I cant get my money and pay this bill and will probably be walking everywhere since I have no money to afford gas. This bank sucks.....don't use them

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Reader Comments:

Posted by talex542003 on 08/20/2008
They ripped me a good one too(WAMU). Been with them a couple of years and then they raise my interest rate to over 20%. They now say i`m a high risk. Why? Now i`m not makeing this up,this is what they told me. Because I have never taken a cash advance I am now a high risk! Because I haven`t purchased anything in the last 3 months i`m a high risk! I have made all of my payments on time and even payed more than the minimum and now am a high risk! I`m not kidding,this is what they told me on the phone. Do you want to do business with this bank? 9.99% to 21.70% for nothing. What a bank to do business with!

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