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Washington Mutual Rip Off

- new york

This writer needed $1,500 quickly and thinking 0 interest rate for a year would be a good way to go. Of course included in this loan was an immediate $45.00 charge. Then the frustration began. First It took three months to set up auto pay.(May to first of September ) Then because I wanted to pay over the phone--they charged me $9.95. In meantime, my June payment was due and I missed the date(I had just arrived back in town(I stared the procedure for automatic pay in May and mistakenly thought it was taken from my account.

Well it wasn't--there goes $39.99 for late payment .On July 10th their company they delegate (pay smart)to deduct the money from my checking account informs me they couldn't deduct from my deposit slip--which had my account on it--of course now I am wondering who in the world do they represent as it doesn't say Washington mutual. After many frustrating phone calls, I find it is Washington Mutual. Once again I resend out the application(third one) On July 18, they inform me they have received my new application and enrollment is ready.

But I must still make the payments. On July 26 (Confirmation #732737) I have made another payment of $99.00 plus another $9.95 phone charge, they said they would wave the $39.00 late fee.(so far I had paid$ 138.00. In this confirmation phone call, they said No August payments were due and my balance was $1,400.00. Well, in August I am informed that I am charged another $39.00 and my balance due is now $1,534.00. Now it has taken me one hour to try to reach WASHINGTON MUTUAL. All I get is Automated service with no ability to reach customer service. The assumption is that every one has internet. Well after I got to an internet connection I still was unable to get a customer service representative.

Last Month when I finally got through, I had to tell the nice man from Egypt ( or Pakistan) that I wanted to talk to an American supervisor--he said what for I am a supervisor? If I could have gone through the phone, I would have. I finally spoke to a representative and told them that indeed their efficiency was much to be desired--pay pal with no reference to Wahington Mutual, automatic service with representatives from Pakistan and their rudeness.

If I ever get this mess taken care of I will NEVER do business with Washington Mutual or any companies that hire its customer service represatives from foreign lands.

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Reader Comments:

Posted by rb8sr on 08/30/2007
What a mess! I don't know if you have this #
1(800)788-7000. They may be able to give you a better #. (They're also from all over, but mostly in the US)
When you do get thing taken care of it's not just the companies that use some sort of cheap method of hiring overseas, usually a country in poverty. Which seems like to me like it should be illegal. Anyways, to get to the point, it's more important to do research, research and more research. I personally don't believe in credit cards for several reasons. 1)SCAMS 2)the exact problem you're having 3)if I don't have the money now what guarentee do I have that I'll have it later.
I sure do wish you the best of luck whith this terrible mess!

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