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Another Walmart Ripoff

- Salem, NH

I needed a cell phone immediately as mine suddenly died and I get my job assignments thru the cell phone. I went to Walmart in Salem NH and bought a net 10 phone pay as you go for 29.99.When I set it up at home it didn't work. I returned to Walmart in Salem NH (I live in Andover,Ma) to bring it back and exchange it for a working phone. The people working at the time I brought it back,,,although they were present and remembered me when i bough it,,said the managers had all gone home so they could not exchange it nor refund my money.

These two people also tried the phone and it did not work, As I needed a phone immediately I bought another phone, identical to the non functioning phone and these two people told me I would get my money back when the managers were present. I went today for my refund. The female manager said there was no "SIMS" card with the phone. I said this is what I bought from you exactly as is. She said a SIMS card comes with this particular phone and she cant return my money because there is no SIMS card.

I told her I BOUGHT THIS PHONE exactly as it is except I opened the package and THIS phone did not work, I have no idea about a SIMS card, what I brought back,twice now is exactly what I bought from Walmart. She said there had to be a SIMS card in the package and because there wasn't she would not return my money. I told her again... if there was no SIMS card it was because I bought it with no SIMS card.Why on earth would I drive 30 minutes each way... THREE times now and why would I have bought the second exact phone 2 hours after this one if it worked. I bought this phone in good faith. It did not work. I tried to return it and couldn't.

I bought a second identical phone in GOOD faith. I brought the first phone back for a refund and was refused because something was apparently missing from the package. I brought back exactly what was in the package and if something was missing that is the reason the phone didn't work. It was missing when I purchased it, yet they refuse me a refund

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Reader Comments:

Posted by reddragonccc16 on 01/15/2010
HUH....why dont you just call the manufacturer and tell them there were no sim cards included in the two phones you bought they will send you the SIM cards for both phones with proof of purchase..

Its not a rip-off for walmart to refuse to exchange it or refund you your money they dont know if you took the sim cards or not...if the package says sim card included then its the manufacturers problem not wal-marts...

Another question is you said your phone broke,,why didnt you just remove the sim card from your old phone and place it in the new phone?
the sim card contains all the information needed for your account,and will work in a variety of phones...

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