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Verizon blows me off indefinately on FIOS repair - Verizon FIOS/DVR

- Short Hills, NJ - Residence

Background: We have a DVR in our family room that was replaced about 3-4 weeks ago. On 10/4 we realized that the new DVR still was not working.

Story: We scheduled a technician to come out on Friday, 10/10. After waiting at home for our 4 hour window (4pm-8pm), no one showed. On 10/10, we were on the phone with them for about an hour & with no explanation, they rescheduled for Saturday afternoon. Again we waited our 4 hour window and no Verizon technician showed up at our house. Then we were on the phone again for an hour trying to find out where the technician was & why no one ever showed up at our home. Again... they rescheduled us for Sunday. Again, we waited our 4 hours. We called periodically throughout the day to make sure that they were going to come. They even told us that a technician was on the way. No one ever showed up. On Sunday night I spent 2 hours speaking on the phone trying to find out where they were and when they were planning to come. A supervisor guaranteed me that someone would be here yesterday, 10/13. No one ever showed up yesterday. I called them yesterday and again spent 1-2 hours on the phone at various points during the day to try to get someone to come to my house. They said that they could not have anyone come to my house until today, 10/14. They gave me the window of 8am-12pm. I called them at around 11:30 to see where they were. I was on the phone with them for over an hour. I spoke to a technician and then they transferred me to a “supervisor”. They said that they had to contact dispatch to see where the technician was. They then informed me that the technician would be at my house before 5pm. That will mean waiting another 5 hours for them (a total of 25 hours waited plus time on the phone since Friday). Do they think that I have nothing better to do with my time? Well, it is now 8pm on 10/14 and Verizon has not yet shown up at my house. Nor have I received any phone call indicating that they would not show up or reschedule. I called Verizon at 4:30 pm on 10/14 and they gave me the number of the technician that was on the road and scheduled to come to my house. When I called him, he told me that he is subcontracted from Verizon and will probably not make it to my house because he is too busy doing other work. Now I have to call them once again, be on hold on the phone for hours and wait more days for them not to show up. The worst part about this whole thing is that there is not a supervisor or an employee that has been able to help me. They say that there isn’t anyone above the
supervisor to speak to and that I should just send my complaints to corporate via a letter. All they do is say “I apologize for the inconvenience. There is nothing more that I can do for you at this time.” Or “New Jersey dispatch has a lot of problems.” Well none of those comments have resolved my issues. I am sure that you can imagine my frustration and I am hoping that by sending this letter will help me get some service to our home.

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