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No Refunds given by Verizon - DSL - Refund

- Stanhope, NJ

To Whom it May concern,
I hope you can help me with a problem I have with Verizon .
On July 3 2007 I cancelled my phone service and DSL with Verizon because I switched to Optimum because it was less expensive. I called Verizon and confirm the cancellation no problem of which due to their billing you always pay a month ahead so they owed me a refund. August I get a statement advising me of a refund in the amount of 32.99 due to me. I immediately call to find out when it will be mailed and they said 6-8 weeks but it never came. I call again in September after not receiving my refund but again receiving a statement in the mail to get the same answer another 6-8 weeks.I call again in October after not receiving the refund again to get another response due to a combined billing issue there was a problem but the verizon represenative said they would issue an immediate request to take care of the problem to get my refund check released. Now November 6 call again spoke to the supervisor to get the same annoying problem to which the supervisor said he would take care of the matter ASAP, with in 7-10 days I should receive a check or a phone call - of course neither I call 11/13/07 the representative said no check still a problem with the combined billing.
November 15 another statement referenceing a refund due of 32.99 but no check.
Its almost 6 months and I have not received a refund but my bill was paid complete as of 7/6/07.
Let me know if this is something you would be interested in helping me finalize.
Thank you for your time and consideration.


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