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Verizon compromised my personal information

- Dallas

Last August (2009) I ended my FiOS TV/Internet service with Verizon. Nine months (May 2010) later I started receiving collections calls from an outside collection agency. I tried contacting Verizon to figure out where the break down happened. I was bumped around several times, I even ended up in technical support once, apparently one of their reps thought it was better to just transfer me away rather than to try and help me out. I called on three occasions attempting to speak to someone at Verizon. On the third try I was transferred "out" to a group in Indiana who said they were their collection agency and gathered my personal information (name, address, ssn) saying they were trying to locate my account. They then said they have no record of me and realized they had just collected enough personal information to do damage. I was pretty angry and upset having been tossed around, which is probably why I wasn't questioning the information they were requestin. Having been transferred directly from Verizon I naturally thought I was still within their organization. I was not. I later learned they were a third party. My complaint with Verizon is that they knowingly just transferred me out to let someone else "deal" with me not knowing whether they were able to assist me. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau only to have the Verizon representative ignore the issue regarding my compromised personal information. They didn't even acknowledge it. They were not about to address it. They know they are in the wrong and just stuck their head in the ground. I persisted and called to speak to that representative directly. Again, she did not want to address the issue of my personal information. When I forced the issue she only gave me her scripted answer of "they transferred me to their internal/external collection agency." She did admit that the person who transferred me had know way of knowing where I was being transferred to. She asked me what I would like her to do, but she is empowered to do nothing. I would just like people to be aware that their internal privacy and security measures have a big gaping hole. Your personal information is not as secure at Verizon as you might think. If anyone is interested, I can give you the name and phone number of the Verizon representative that has allowed this to go uninvestigated. I really got the sense that this is not important to them. I don't know what else to say or do as I feel really violated and completely helpless to do anything.

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