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- Helena Montana

I took my vehicle to Smith Transmision. The tranny was leaking oil but otherwise operating properly. However with high mileage I knew it may turn out be be a rebuild job.
Sure enough that was the recommendation. In the process they called and reported that the left lower control arm/ balljoint assembly as well as sway bar links and exhaust flex pipe needed replacement. Well I got the vehicle back and took it to a oil change service and was able to look under the vehicle. I was unable to determine which lower control arm/ balljoint assembly had been replaced! Neither one looked new. Same with the sway bar links.
Soon the right sway bar link deteriorated to the point that the rubber boots were cracked. So back to the business it went. While there they determined that the right inner tierod was bad and the right lower control arm/ balljoint assembly needed to be replaced. So the right sway bar link was replaced with a new one as well as the right lower controll arm/ball joint assembly. With new parts on the right side is when it became apparent that the left side parts were used or possibly not even replaced. As for the flex pipe in the exhaust system it never did have that new galvinized look that exhaustparts are commonly known for. After $4'500 I am still trying to get the matter resolved. Oh yes I forgot to mention the right lower control arm/ ball joint assembly bolt was left loose with the wrong bolt in it, the clamp on the inner tie rod end was not reinstalled, the transmission inspection plates was left unsecured and improperly installed as well as a dent in the hood and the left lower insulator washer installed backward.

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