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I Didn't Sign the CONTRACT!!!

My daughter signed a contract for a cell phone and even though she does not live at this address and didn't when she signed up and didn't ask for permission to use such information I seem to be now trapped when she failed to pay her bill. I recieve at the very least 5 calls per day for the past three weeks. They come at different times of the day. I called the number twice that they leave and they tell me that since I am not the contract holder I am not authorized to change any information on the account. May be a good thing however Why then am I 'AUTHORIZED' to receive the calls. I would probably have let the matter play it's self out however I was recently injured at work and I am home most of the day and night and I sleep when ever I can because the pain from my injury doesn't allow me to keep any sleep schedule. My problem is that when I spoke to the company they told me that it wasn't their responsibility to check out every customer I believe it should be mandatory for the emergency contact number to be checked and if it isn't in the same name of the would be contract holder then the person it does belong to should have to sign that part of the contract' before 'their name or number or address can be USED for such purposes. Please see if there are any guidelines that cover this type of harrassment.. You have helped me not to long ago with a problem I had with AT&T and that problem has not returned.

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