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Unethical Fee Abuse - Satellite TV

- Cocoa, Florida

I had been a DirecTV customer for approximately 5 years. April 2010 I ordered some international channels, which required a new dish that I had to pay for up-front. DirecTV also changed the receiver at that time. My wife wasn’t happy with the international channels and we cancelled them approximately October 2, 2010. We were told there were no cancellation fees.
Approximately October 22, 2010 I cancelled DirecTV altogether and went with AT&T U-Verse to bundle my TV, Internet and cell phones into one package.
On October 28, 2010 I received, in the mail, an early cancellation fee from DirecTV for $220.00 + $22.78 Communications Service Tax. I called DirecTV and explained that I had served my contract commitment that I had signed approximately 5 years ago. They informed me that the receiver change constituted an additional 18-month contract. I was never told, explained or signed anything committing to an additional 18 months of contract. Had I known I would never have ordered the international channels. We were only told there would be no early cancellation fee for the cancellation of the international channels.
I feel this is unfair and illegal. This is another example of the GREED, CORRUPTION and UNETHICAL business practices that permeated this country.

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