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- Aarons Lake Worth, Fl Location

RE: Refrigerator
Aaron’s Lake Worth Location
3471 S Congress Ave.
Palm Springs FL 33461

To whom it may concern:
I want you to know of my experience with your Aaron’s location in Lake Worth, Florida. Maybe this will help other customers going forward. This has been the most horrible experience that I’ve ever had. The customer service and communication has been unbelievable ridiculous.

I went to Aaron’s on 09/28/09 to purchase a lease to own refrigerator, I had my measurements, I picked out a refrigerator that I like... I told the office manager of my measurements the office manager said as long as the width and depth was fine the height should be fine also.. The refrigerator was delivered on 09/29/09 the refrigerator did not fit it was too tall. One of the delivery people asked could they just leave refrigerator like that sitting out in the floor. I told the delivery people no they had to take the refrigerator back to the store. The delivery girl said its not a big deal it’s just sitting out in the floor a little bit. I said no you have to take it back to the store. The delivery people took refrigerator back to Aarons. When the delivery people left I called office manager to tell him that the refrigerator was too tall for the area that it is suppose to go in. The office manager kept saying if the width and depth is fine the refrigerator should fit I explained to the office manager the refrigerator did not fit the office manager then ask me to go online to look for a refrigerator. I immediately went to Aarons store and told the office manager that he needs to do the research and find the refrigerator. In the mean time on 09/30/09 (Wednesday) I went to another Aaron’s location which is in West Palm Beach Florida on 45th street. I saw a refrigerator that I liked and I asked for it to be transferred to lake worth store when I called the Aarons where the office manager worked the office manager was off for the day the next day I called the office manager and told him that I was trying to get a refrigerator transferred from another Aarons, the office manager then informed me that he cancelled the transfer due to the fact that he ordered a refrigerator, but he wasn’t sure if it had an ice maker and it should be in his store (Lake Worth store) by Fri. 10/02/09..
On 10/1/09 the refrigerator was delivered when the delivery people arrived they unhooked the ice maker hose from my old refrigerator water went every where. The water should have been turned off prior to taking the hose off. The delivery guy rick turned off the valves under the sink he was panicking because water was running all over my wood floors rick just kept turning the valves water leaked all over on my wood floors for 3 days straight the wood floor started to buckle. I had to go home about 3 times in a day to dump the buckets of water and clean the water up of the floor. The valves under the sink were still leaking. I went back to Aarons store and told the office manager about the floor and kitchen sink leaking the office manager said we don't have a plumber here and did nothing about it. I said to the office manager in that type of business both or at least one of the delivery people should be certified or at least know what they are doing.

10/24/09 I went back to Aarons store on sat and spoke to another office manager. I explained to that office manager what happen. The office manager told me he would come to my house to see the problem.

10/27/09 I called that office manager on Tues 10/27/09 to remind him of his appointment with me on Wed. 10/28/09 when I spoke to the office manager on Tues he had forgot he had not put the appointment on his calendar. when I called Aarons on wed I spoke to the person answered the phone, and I explained to him that the office manager had an appointment with me at 4 to look at an issue at my house that occurred during the delivery of the refrigerator. The person that answered the phone told me that the office manager must have forgotten, that he was not at the store and the office manager did not leave any note of his appt with me. I left my phone number with the person that answered the phone. The person that took the call called me back about 3:30 on wed 10/28/09 and the office manager was there at the store (Aarons) I spoke to the office manager and he verified that he would be to my house at 4. The office manager arrived to my house almost 4:30, the office manager said that he did saw the problem that when one of the delivery person kept trying to turn the water off he broke the valve. The office manager said he was going to leave a note for the first office manager that I initially spoke to about the problem that he would to have a plumber to come fix the problem.

10/29/09 I called Aaron’s at 2:32 pm, spoke to the original office manage and asked him did the other office manager that came to see the problem did he leave him a note on his visit on 10/28/09 concerning the sink leaking the office manager said he did not get a note from the other office manager and that the office manager is off today 10/29/09. The office manager says he will talk to the other office manager on his next schedule work day, the office manager asked for me to give him a day to setup an appt with a plumber. The office manager says he will call me tomorrow Friday 10/30/09 before lunch to tell me if the plumber will be coming the same day or the next day.
10/30/09 Friday no call
11/2/09 Monday no call
11/3/09 Tuesday no call
11/4/09 so as of today 11:03 am no call from the office manager
11/4/09 12:22pm I called Aarons customer service to file complaint I spoke to Aarons representative she took my info and issued a ticket ..ticket # 1631747 the representative told me that my complaint was being forwarded to the regional secretary (863) 967 -0973
11/4/09 Aaron’s regional manager ((954) 968-9937 called me at 2:37 pm he received my complaint letter concerning refrigerator he said he is going to definitely take care of this. The regional manager said I can get a plumber to fix sink and they would reimburse me. I told the regional manager they need to find a plumber to fix this problem or I will not be paying Aarons for frig the regional manager said he would definitely take care of it. The regional manager said the office manager was off today. The regional manager said he really did not want to call either office manager right now because he might say or do something he would regret because they have families

11/4/09 Root Rooter plumber came. The Roto Rooter guy looked at the values under the sink and said all 4 needed to be changed. The Roto Rooter guy said he would only charge $ 395.00 to fix all 4 values verses $ 600.00. The Roto Rooter called Aarons and spoke to the the office manager, the office manager said he was not going to approve for the work to be done the Roto Rooter guy said if he only changed the one valve the others would start leaking. When Roto Rooter guy called office manager and told him what need to be done the office manager called me trying to say what he think the Roto Rooter guy should do to fix the problem. The office manager told the Roto Rooter guy to only fix it so it won't leak ( would be a short term fix then start leaking again ) the Roto Rooter guy explained to office manager that he didn’t work that way. The Roto Rooter guy had to wait for office manager to call back.
When the office manager called back he told the Roto Rooter guy to go ahead and fix it but bill out the job

11/13/09 I received an invoice from Roto rooter in the mail in the amount of $ 395.00.

11/14/09 I went to Aarons and took the invoice and gave it the office manager at Aarons so that he could make a copy I told the office manager I wasn’t sure if they had received a copy of the invoice the office manager said don’t worry about it the invoice that Aarons are responsible just ignore invoice I told the office manager that the invoice did not read copy any where on it the office manager from Aarons said we will take care of it. The office manager from Aarons then said we never received an invoice. I then asked the office manager to make a copy of the invoice so that it can be taken care of

12/7/09 Roto rooter called me on my cell at 4:12 pm... The accounts receivable person expressed to me that Roto rooter still has not received payment from Aarons.

12/15/09 my December 2009 payment was due I didn’t not pay it due to the fact Roto rooter calling me for payment

12/16/09 Aarons called me for payment the person called and left voicemail name was a new office manager when I returned the call I spoke to a sales associate. The sales associate was aggressive and rude the sales associate is not customer service oriented. I tried to explain the situation to the sales associate, all the sales associate kept saying are you going to make the payment. I said to the sales associate let me explain to you the situation. The sales associate said are we going to keep going back and forth about this or round and round about this. The sales associate said if you can’t make the payment we can come pick up the refrigerator. The sales associate simply didn’t care and the sales associate didn’t want to listen at all. All the sales associate wanted to know if I was making a payment I tried to explain the situation several times to the sales associate. I asked the sales associate to please listen the sales associate said I don’t know what you are talking about all we need you to do is make a payment if you can’t make the payment we can come pick up the refrigerator. I told the sales associate. I will be there in person when I got off work. I arrived to Aarons about 5:30 I asked to speak to the sales associate that I had spoke to earlier on the phone. I asked the sales associate to step into the manager’s office so that we would not be on the sales floor I told the sales associate that he needs phone etiquette and customer service manners all the office manager said was ok. The sales associate is very unprofessional the sales associate does not need to work in a customer service environment. If the sales associate was unaware of the situation the sales associate should have said let me put you on hold and review your account but the sales associate did not take the time to do that nor did the sales associate try to understand what was going on. While I was there at Aarons I paid half of payment on contingency that Roto Rooter had been paid.

12/17/09 I spoke to the accounts receivable dept for Roto rooter per the accounts receivable person as of today 12/17/09 Irene still has not received payment from Aarons... the accounts receivable person states Aarons has been promising her they will take of it and make the payment.

12/21/09 called Roto Rooter spoke to the accounts receivable dept as of Monday 12/21/09 the payment was posted 12/19/09.

12/23/09 I went to Aarons to request for the refrigerator to be picked up, due to my overall experience with Aarons and also with Aaron’s employee the sales associate. I spoke to the new office manager and, I explained to the new office manager of my situation from the time of purchase until now. The new office manager was very nice and professional. The new office manager apologized of my experience with the sales associate. The new office manager tried to keep my business by making a few suggestions. I told the new office manager I rather dissolve my relationship with Aarons. The new office manager said that he understood and that I did not owe anything and he would just close out my account. The new office manager also said if I ever wanted to do businesses with Aarons again please give him a call.

Customer satisfaction requires a willingness to stop making excuses and get to the root of the problem, if it means the company has to assume responsibility for the cost of the fix.

The key to customer service is capturing feedback to sharing data across the organization, recovering unhappy customers quickly, discovering insights in the data, and improving the customer experience enterprise-wide.
This is very disappointing,

I was planning on doing some more business with Aarons but now I will not.

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