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T.V. Corporations Rip-Off Politicians - Fair market ads

- U.S.A.

Rich politicians win-Poor politicians lose! It doesn't matter who is the best, the one who pays the fat rich TV station owner will win!
I propose that any politician's ad have limits, and to give an incentive, anything above 1000 dollars should go to poor people! Yes I said give the money to the poor people!
I'm sick of hearing the record breaking amount of money just thrown away to rich t. v. station owners --and every news anchor just giggles at how much money is coming their boss's way. It's like a big joke to you Cheshire cats.
Wow! Such gluttony should never be allowed in a nation riddled with debt, high unemployment rates, and a diminishing middle class!
I know that this subject will be swept under the rug-cause it would cast an unfavorable light on you fat rich t. v. station owners-who spend all your money out of this country anyway- I'll never hear a word back on this subject, but I feel like you know how the little man feels! I sleep quite nicely-do You!

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