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Truck Sabotaged - Car repair

- James Island

We recently purchased a used tow truck that had been serviced by Folly Road Auto Repair. This vehicle has been sitting at their location for about a year, and the owner had a new alternator installed on two different occasions. Instead of grounding the alternator with the ground wire they used a garbage bag twisty tie and tied the ground wire off to the side of another wire, hiding the fact that they failed to ground it. They installed a new clutch and it was never adjusted. They put a new starter on the car and used an orange household extension cord for the main power to the starter. They claimed to install a new ignition switch but did not. After we purchased the vehicle we brought it to our mechanic and he showed us all these issues. The truck was deliberately set up to catch on fire and our mechanic was shocked it hadn't already done so. Now what do we do? Can't bring it back to the people who have tried to destroy it. We have photos documenting all these issues as well as a statement from our local mechanic. Would love for someone to help us follow up on this and not let it happen to anyone else.

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Reader Comments:

Posted by asialola23 on 01/03/2015
This is so crazy how I paid my bill on December 25,2014 and Direct TV has stated that they never received a payment. Could you imagine having guest over the holidays with NO SERVICE

Posted by npuddn on 09/03/2016
I have been a customer of Directv for less than a year and I wish I had never change from my previous service, I have problems every month I just want to get off of it.They will give you movies free (so they say)for 3 months then when you cancel them they charge you.I wouldn't recommend them to any one.

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