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TIVO's Happy Face Is a Scam Artist

- New Jersey

We moved from our home on September 29, 2010 and in mid-September gave sufficient notice to cancel all our Cablevision and TIVO accounts. Since the condo we bought in a new development was not fully constructed, we moved into a residence hotel where we've been for the past six months. When we canceled TIVO service, a seemingly courteous TIVO representative told us the account was closed and we put our three TIVO boxes in storage to be used when we settled into our new home. Nevertheless, TIVO continued to bill us on our credit card every month for service on the three TIVOs even though we had no TV service from them. No matter how many times I called, I was put on hold, switched to different reps and ultimately got nowhere. I am a 90-year-old man with health issues and this has caused me both financial and emotional stress. Finally, I went to our credit card office to create a dispute against their illegal charges, closed my credit card account and reopened a new one with a new credit card number. However, the credit card company now wrote they cannot pursue charges that date back, so we cannot recoup charges for TIVO service we did not use. Now that TIVO cannot bill me since they haven't got my new credit card number, they have inundated us with innumerable emails (sometimes 3 per day) threatening us with a collection agency for service plus a termination fee of $200 even though we have no service. Because of this, we will never use TIVO again, even though we now has 3 useless TIVO boxes for which we paid $199 per box. We finally are moving into our new home this week and have switched from Cablevision to Verizon, so I hope the below email address still will be viable. I know these things take time, but please contact us asap for a new email address if this one is no longer active because we switched providers. Please help us resolve this matter, we have excellent credit ratings and do not want to be dunned by a collection agency. I have seen the countless complaints about TIVO on line. This company deserves a class action suit against them to stop scamming people. We thank you for your intervention in this matter. Our TIVO emails read as follows:

"Your TiVo account is severely past due and your TiVo service
has been shut off.

It is easy to get your service reinstated and pay your past
due amount. Just call 1-877-367-8486 or go to
www.tivo.com/manage and log into your account to change your
credit card information.

If we do not receive your payment soon, your account will be
sent to a collection agency. In addition, if you have not
fulfilled your commitment you may be subject to an Early
Termination Fee, of up to two hundred dollars or the remaining
amount of your original commitment."

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