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Tivo Rip-Off Scam

I am an upset tivo user, soon to be some other type of dvr user. I bought a tivo box and the lifetime subscription service last January, 2005. In August of 2005, it stopped working. I called the company, only to be told that the hard drive on my brand new box had stopped working and that I would have to exchange it through the company to keep my lifetime subscription service. I paid $50 for another refurbished box and $30 through UPS for shipping. I installed my new box on August 28, 2005. On February 5, 2006, I turned on the tv and found that I had no sound. I did my own fair amount of troubleshooting and then called the company again. They told me that it was the box. Again. Now, I had to pay $150 for a new box plus the $30 shipping in order to keep my service. I asked for a supervisor, and got a man named John who told me that since I had been through so much trouble with my tivo, he would let me exchange it for $79, but of course I would have to pay for the shipping again. (Another $30.) I asked for a higher supervisor, and John said that he was the highest I could talk to. He also told me that if I declined to take the offer today, it would be marked on the case file as such and the deal probably would not be offered to me again. He also informed me that his own tivo box had worked just fine for him for 2 years and through 3 moves, which I thought should be even more of a reason I should get another box at no charge. I asked, well what if I bought another box through ebay? Well, then we can't transfer your $300 lifetime subscription, he said. I got his extension # and hung up.

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