Time Warner Cable Complaint

My Roadrunner Is Still Not Running....


Is anybody out there going to help me???? I am "My Roadrunner never ran". Time Warner Cable shut off my cable TV because I never paid a bill for service I never had, re: Roadrunner and Digital Phone Service. I went to the local office, they said they fixed my bill and my cable TV was turned back on three days later. I came home today, the Cable is off AGAIN....and my bill has gone from $454.91 to $606.91....BUT, fortunately they are now offering me a payment plan. So I can pay out a bill for service I never had, but continue to be billed on a monthly basis for.

If you ARE out there h-e-l-p me, PLEASE!!!!

I realize this is not going to make the National New, but if you really do help people, please ......

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