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They almost had me! Dam I needed that check!!! - Participate in paid survey as an evaluator

- P.O Box 2397,Miami Florida 33130

My name is Genesha Lyons, ans yestarday I received a letter in the mail, but before I opeaned it I did relize that there was no return address. When I opened the mail there fall out of the letter a check, being septical I looked at it to see if it was a real check, everything pointed to it to be real and legite. I was so exsited thinking that I all I had to do was take this check and cash it at my bank as they said. I was told to cash the check at the bank which was for the amount of 3,590.00. After doing so I was told to take 300.00 for myself for participating, and then I was to go to Western Union and abserve their customer service and facility and then trasfor 3,000 to a unknown location, afterwards I was to go to Either K-mart, Walmart or Best Buy and spend 150.00 of the money for myself. After talking to a couple of family memebers I begain to do some research on the computer and come to find out this is A SCAM. I am vey upset because Lord only knows that I needed this money and was on my way to cash it and would been in some serious finacial trouble in which I don't need I am a single mother of four children how dare these people do what they are doing If it had not been for another women in another state who had posted her story I would have tried to cash it she had been sent the same letter and got into some serious troble herself, hopfully that can be fixed for her it is not the fults of the victims but of these low life people who pray on the needy and the desprite, uneducated people who are unaware scams that are out here. I really think that there should be somthing done about it please help. THANK YOU MS. LYONS

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