Aarons rent to own Complaint

The old bait and swich - Riding mower

- Waycross Ga

The first week of March 2010 Aaron s sale paper came out with 99.00 a month to rent a mower to own. Well went there the first day of sale. Had none at all, now they had the next step up which they tried there best to get me to buy. So I asked when will the 99.00 ones be in. They said last week of March. OK Well still no mowers and per the Reginald Manger I emailed they will probably be none. He told me the other stores got them and the USED ones came here. Who wants a used junk mower. If you do not have it do not put it on sale. Or at least let the customer have the next step up for the same price. O now they will loose a dollar. Well word of mouth can take a toll on a dishonest company enough said.

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Reader Comments:

Posted by cirrectrider on 03/30/2011
I know what you mean they tried the same thing on me last week, they seem to never get what they put on sale always the next deal up. I believe they need to be investigated.

Posted by jfcrabbit on 03/30/2011
They did it to me I had to have An ice box right away . We sorry madam but we did not get any but we have this one here I believe they are cons or just crooked.

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