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Dog Training Institute online scam

- Los Angeles, CA

I joined an online dog training site, paid 29.95 and received an email telling me my username and password would be sent within 10 minutes it has been almost 2 weeks now and I still have not received any login information to access the site. I have sent several emails, called the phone number provided several times, which no one ever answers, it does not seem to be a business phone but rather a cell phone. I have left several messages on the voice mail. I have faxed letters and also mailed a letter. In researching I have found others who have also had this same experience. I have also discovered that on two different pages of this site there are two different women claiming to be the president of the company. My emails are now being returned as undeliverable.

The web site is There are separate sites within for every breed of dog.

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Reader Comments:

Posted by frutos on 12/09/2007
I have the identical problem, signed up for service nearly three-weeks ago, was charged but never recieved access. I have e-mailed, called and am in the process of writing a letter. I understand that they will only accept correspondence to one address- did you use the post sales address? Just wondering before I bother to do the same.

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