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My Business Does Not Matter!!!

Purchased what I thought was a new Ipod with video ($300) capability for my Wife for Valentines. I specifically purchased this ipod to surprise my wife with a video of our 2005 pictures from all our trips as newlyweds.
Went home opened the package and followed the instruction to charge up the unit. I attempted to download the video that I worked all weekend on and found out that the unit that was in the box was an older model not the new ipod with video.

Went back to return/exchange for the right ipod and was shot down by customer service and the store manager Brent. I was told that my business did not matter and I could go somewhere else.

Target does not care.

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Reader Comments:

Posted by kollaa on 12/05/2009
No, they do not care.
I make a card payment over the phone and they screw it up. When it was caught, instead of dry dating the check to the original date, they send it to the credit reporting bureau as late (the date their error was caught) then charge me fines which exceeds my limit. Their errors cause my credit to go down because it now appears the check was late and now I am overdrawn.
I am in the middle of purchasing a house and this mark shows up and the mortgage company said if I clear their mistake all will be well. I call and call Target to send a fax to the mortgage company explaining their mishandling of it and Target keeps saying they did and no fax shows up and then we tried other faxes and nothing shows up and they swear up and down the faxes were sent to three different places. So, the contract expired and we lost the bid and we had to settle for paying higher elsewhere. I ask them to mail the statement and it shows up after the fact. I called a supervisor and they said the faxes were never sent because they never contacted the credit bureau even though they knew the importance of this fax.
I wrote the VP in charge of this department and some underling from Target Bank writes back and omits part of what happens but says in so many words, 'Yes, this happened, so what? We can do as we please without concern toward the impact on you because we are Targets and you have to accept it.' Such hubris.

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