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Disappering Target Visa Credit Card.

I have had a Target Visa card for over ten years. I have never been late with any payments. Recently, Target closed this account.

Subsequently, I received a letter from Target National Bank and Target Financial Services stating that the closure of this account was done pursuant to my request. Only problem with this letter was that I never requested closure of my Target Visa account. When I attempted to complaint to a senior executive with Target,my phone call was transferred to a guest relations supervisor. This supersior told me that since my account has not been used in a while, it was closed due to inactivity. In response to my request to re-open the closed account, she stated that I should re-apply for a new card. I did not wish to apply for a new card as this would result in a hard credit inquiry which would adversely affect my credit scores. Hence, I requested that they review my credit file under the old account without affecting my scores. I was told that she was unable to honor my request because she could not directly reach the Target Visa department. Evidently, Target's guest relations members are incapable of reaching other departments. I am also amazed by the executive team of Target to allow this type indefference toward its customer base.

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Reader Comments:

Posted by donatellame on 03/28/2009
I attempted to log onto my RedCard account and received a message to call customer service. I was told my account (which I've had for over 10 years, no late payments) was closed "due to inactivity"... The customer service rep (with a strong eastern Indian accent, btw) repeatedly told me, "No problem, okay? You can just reapply at the store or on line, okay? No problem, okay? You will get a 10% discount coupon, okay?" I repeatedly told her, "No, NOT okay. Why wasn't I informed?" Her response was that Target NEVER informs. I have superb credit and will simply take my money elsewhere. It should be illegal to close an account without notification (if it's not). When I receive my next credit report summary, I will be filing a complaint with the Comptroller of the Currency, Department of US Treasury if there is ANY false information on my report from Target's team, and suggest others do the same -- -- (800) 613-6743.

Posted by briankkenyon on 04/07/2009
I received an email stating:
Your most recent REDcard statement is now available to view online. Your mailed statement should reach you shortly. For information about your current account balance and recent transactions, please sign in to Manage My REDcard Thank you for using Manage My REDcard and for being a valued REDcard accountholder.

I logged on - could not connect and to call customer service which I did and was also told closed due to inactivity - nowhere did I ever received anything that said if I did not use a card it would automatically close - then I asked why I was still receiving statements I was told it was because of a $1.77 outstanding finance charge which I was not even aware of. Also had the same conversation as donatellame.

Does anyone have contact information to file a complaint with someone at target who really gives a crap about customers ? This is horrible.

Posted by wheats24 on 07/20/2009
I was reverse scammed by the Target visa card. I moved and closed my account in store, paying my balance to zero and being told by Target that my account is closed. I then get a debt collection notice 6 months later alleging I owe them $288. Guess what, they didn

Posted by target on 08/25/2009
The reason why your Target REDcard was closed is because of inactivity. If you do no use your Target REDcard account for more than 8 months, the account will be closed. Having an active account with no balance doesn't help your credit at any time.

Because you signed the credit card agreement allowing TARGET to make the decision on closing your account due to inactivity gives them the right to. You signed the agreement and you can't complain as Target has the proof of your signature.

Suggestion is, make a small purchase every few months. If you would have read your CREDIT CARD AGREEMENT you wouldn't have this issue. By receiving that letter, you had plenty of time to use your account, but you disregarded it.

Sorry man, you screwd yourself on this one. Don't hate TARGET for your own error.

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