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Subaru ignores warranties - Automobile manufacturer denies warranty

- Burnsville, MN

I want to provide a word of warning to anyone looking to buy a Subaru product because of "reliability". I warn you not to fall victim to the evil clutches of Subaru of America (SoA). I used to be a believer in their reliability mantra, I was excited to finally own a "new & improved Subaru", and I was looking forward to many years of dependabile performance with my brand new 2009 Forester. When it failed after only 35,700 miles, my first thought was "...mechanical items can break. No problem it has a warranty". I didn't know it then, but SoA will not abide by the warranty that comes with their vehicles!
I know it now. They refused to fix the problem, they ignored the reason for the failure, and they made up other distractions to steer away from their defective assembly. Worst of all, Subaru continues to unjustly fight us when it is blatanly obvious the fault is improper clearnace during bearing assembly (at the Subaru plant). They claim that because the oil was black the engine was not properly maintained (oil changes). Black oil! Hard to imagine that the warranty was denied because the oil does what it does and turns black with use. Unbelievable. They ignored the exceptional, near pristine condition of the other three piston rod bearings; and in fact all of the other rotating components. They ignored our evidence of regular manitenance complaince. Not only ignored it, but when we provided the proof to them, they accused us of falsifying records and making up the receipts. Subaru of America called us liars even though the receipts came directly from the points of purchase. In addition to providing detailed amintenance records and receipts we also had a sample of the engine oil sent to an independent laboratory for spectroanalysis. The lab confirmed the oil to be in excellent condition -except for the metal pieces from the failed bearing-. An SAE certified Master Mechanic also confirmed that the fautly piston rod bearing failed due to improper clearance during assembly. It was confirmed that the failure had nothing to do with lubrication and in fact there was not any possible way an owner/operator could have caused such a failure; "Even if he had poured sand into the oil, it wouldn't have caused those results".

This worthless vehicle has now sat unusable since February 2010. It failed within the manufacurer's timeline to be coverd by warranty. It failed due to a manufacturing defect. And still SoA fights doing what is right and just.
SoA continues to build costs to them (the repair, the car rental reembursements, and the lawyer fees). I have spent thousands of dollars on rental car fees. My very capable lawyer is adding hours of work continuing to attempt communications with SoA (which they are reluctant to indulge in), aquirimg depositions from those involved, and gathering independent confirmation of other Subaru mechanical problems. They cost to SoA will be much much higher than if they had just complied with their warranty and repaired the problem to begin with. My lawyer and myself are very willing to take this case all the way to trial, with complete confidance of Subaru being at fault. Even the Minnesota Attorney General, after reviewing all of the circumstances SoA that they were negligent and needed to comply with the warrnaty repair.

I have to admit to being falbergated that SoA can't accept that, occasionally during assembly, things go wrong and just fix the problem. Anyone with mechanical apptitude knows this and can forgive it - when it is remedied in a reasonable amount of time. By the way, when my credit cards finally got maxed on rental car fees, my I started sharing my son's 1984 Dodge Aries which happens to be in perfect running condition. It is amazing that it has run this long with our supposed "inability to preform proper maintenance". I should also point out that my husband is a licensed aircraft engine mechanic. Our Honda has 223,000 miles and hasn't given us any trouble. Moral of the story: don't buy a Subaru. I know I never will again.

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