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- Headquartered in Clearwater, FL

I attended the initial “free” two hour seminar and was very excited about the information they had to share and signed up for the 3-day $495 seminar to be held the last week in January 29th, 30th and 31st. I was unable to make the second day b/c we had an ice storm so I missed the entire day. I was able to attend on Sunday, but was not able to get to the meeting until 11 am so I missed quite a bit. On Friday, people were encouraged to make arrangements to stay at the hotel based on the weather reports. On Sunday everyone was encouraged to “meet” with the company representatives outside of the seminar at separate tables to discuss furthering their real estate education. Because I had missed the second day and was late getting there on Sunday I was a little confused with what was happening.
This 3-day seminar was just to up-sell Rich Dad Education/Tigrent Learning. I was very impressed with the first day of the seminar and did glean some information on the third day. I honestly thought we would learn more. We were convinced we could not move ahead w/o having their software and additional classes in our portfolio. We were also told that when we were completely out of debt and had attended AT LEAST two classes to contact the office and let them know. We had not been given the opportunity to complete our due diligence on this company and told that we had to sign up right at that moment b/c we would not have another opportunity. I found out, after-the-fact, that they had different pricing for other attendees – none which was offered to me and this was after I told the representative I did not have a job. I truly believed this would be a great investment in establishing a new career.
When I called to enroll in the first class the representative asked me what other class I would like to attend. I said I wasn’t really sure, but I was kind of thinking about the Lease Option class. She immediately emailed an internet overview they call “On Demand” for both courses locking you in to take those specific courses. I wasn’t even sure that’s what I wanted, but now I didn’t have a choice. Our only input we had to choose these courses was based on what they told us.
I was able to attend the first course the following weekend in Charlotte, NC – which also included out-of-pocket hotel and meal expenses. I got to spend time with a lot of other attendees, which Rich Dad Education discourages. We were told not to exchange business cards b/c the seminars are not about promoting other businesses. I quickly summarized I was not learning what had been promised from the weekend seminar. The foreclosure class entailed a lot of information that had been presented in the initial meeting and what investments the instructor had in place and a lot of “it depends” answers. There was no “process” information that would have been beneficial in actually jumping in and being able to accomplish our goals.
There were “mentors” that were in attendance that we could talk to and ask questions as well as schedule ADDITIONAL meetings where these individuals would come to you (for more money) and walk you through the process OR you could enroll for their coaching programs ($7000) that would also be beneficial. I wasn’t able to find out what the cost of the mentor visit was, but I am sure it was very pricey. One couple I spoke with had enrolled for the coaching program and said there wasn’t any information they didn’t already know and the calls were pretty much “I hope you are having a great day,” etc. – they cancelled them. They said they got involved last year and were very discouraged with the programs. Another father/son team said they were just completing an on-line program and had learned absolutely nothing.
I was very excited and ready to absorb everything there was about this specific subject and wanted to hit the ground running the following Monday. Had I been able to at least say I now know what to do, the money would have been well spent. I had a guest attend with me and she felt the same way. It was like everyday of the workshop we were waiting for the “complete process” to be revealed, even if every situation is different there has to be a process.
For the cost of the program they should have been holding our hands, coaching us and interacting one-on-one like so many other companies providing seminars/classes and answering questions in real estate for a much lesser amount.
I received a voice mail a few days later from Tigrent Learning requesting that I set aside at least 20 minutes so I could talk to him to further my progress in the program – I never returned his call.
A lot of us have since found that the software program does not provide information we would need for our property investigations, as they promised.
This company feeds on increasing their wealth by promoting real estate investment classes that don’t give you the full picture until you continue to pay thousands more. Unfortunately, there are so many others that need to be forewarned! I really want to be educated in this field and have since found other seminars that offer more information for thousands less, have a process in place and will follow through with no additional monies, except to split the profit which is only fair. I have also found a lot of negative information about Rich Dad Education/Tigrent Learning on the internet – why are they still in business? Why were we informed they had changed names after signing up for advanced classes? Why is the man at the helm a convict? Why were they investigated and confirmed a scam in Canada and Australia and not here in the U. S.?
I have contacted the BBB in Utah which is their address on all their correspondence – even their cancellation form. But, guess what? In order for them to cancel your contract it has to be in their headquarters w/in three days in Clearwater, FL and it’s not forwarded from Murray, UT. The BBB in Utah told me FL was their headquarters and I had already submitted a complaint with the BBB there. They emailed me the other day and told me Tigrent Learning had not responded to their request and I could get an attorney to further this investigation, but this non-reply would be posted on their website. They have 17 DBAs and an “F” BBB rating. I have filed a complaint with Consumer Affairs and would love to get my $10,000 returned, but know these people need to be stopped. They prey on individuals that want to make a change in their life and make promises that cost thousands more out of your pocket in order to advance, profess you need to make an effort and do it, and you need our (extra expense help) to do it – I am doing it but with other programs and individuals that actually have HELPED me because they are honest and stand by their promises w/o me having to give up my first-born.
This is a HUGE sales misrepresentation – fraud. And they know it. Please help me get the word out to others to not get sucked in by their sales people. I am also including a Robert Kiyosaki interview dodge. Why wouldn’t anybody be confident because of his name, books and exposure?
http://www.cbc. ca/marketplace/2010/road_to_rich_dad/main.html

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Reader Comments:

Posted by dave.nichols97 on 06/27/2011
Your WORD is life's measuringstick, not money! Chaplin deceived me with his Words.
Tigrent Puppet Master Chaplin mentor Lee Escobar.

June 2011: Enough's Enough!! Thousands and Thousands of COMPLAINTS!! WE MUST blame Kiyosaki’s personally, Millions from this scam alone, approves of chaplin Lees tactics.

Embarrassed: $36K, I sucked up to millionaire for his approval.
- Money back!
- Self Esteem
- Stolen Time
- Money for Pain Suffering!
- Public apology!
100 seminars yearly.
- 100 attendees x $500 = $50,000,000
- 10% "signup" = 1,000 people
- 1,000 x 36K = $36,000,000.00
- Only 2% Graduate Kim Kiyosaki

Posted by louis.scala on 12/22/2011
attended a "free" seminar....spend about $200.00 bucks for the 3 day real estate investment seminar, and almost fell for the sales pitch...they are very good at manipulating your emotions and desire to improve your financial well-being...beware,

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