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- Rhode Island

I was looking to secure a loan to consolidate some bills, but my credit was less than perfect. I did some research on line for loan companies that can assist individuals with less than perfect credit. I came across a company named Star One Lenders. I contacted them and was approved for a $5000 loan. I was told to send in a deposit on the loan of $960 for the first 6 months of payments and them my $5000 check would be sent to me via fed-ex. I sent my deposit and haven't heard back from them since. Since then, I have seen a lot of complaints and other people having the same problem. I wish these were on line prior to me sending all the money I had in the world!!

I have filed complaints with the FBI and local police department in RI. I am hoping they are able to do something about getting my deposit back, but I seriously doubt it. I am now worse off than I was before I started this whole ordeal. Now when you call Star One all you get is a message saying your account is temp. on hold and to please contact customer service. That is impossible because the only number they give you continues to play this annoying message..I hope this nightmare ends on a happy note, but like I said..I seriously doubt it!!!

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Reader Comments:

Posted by pondroadguy on 02/21/2008
the same thing happend to me and i have not been able to contact them either!can you help me figure out who to contact to report this. i am financially worse off as well.

Posted by pondroadguy on 02/22/2008
yea like i said before i fell for the star one lending person telling me if i western union them 8 hundred dollars and i would recieve a 5 thousdand dollar loan with monthly payments of 165.00 after sending the money western union they told me to contact them later in the day to confirm my baking infomation to have the 5 grand depostied into my account, when i contacted them later in the day they tried to tell me that i needed another 8 hundred dollars and to this day have not been able to reach them if there is something someone can do anything to try to speak to this people to try and get our money back it would be very helpful thats for taking the time to read this James Maynard

Posted by toystoy414 on 02/25/2008
That same shit happened to me them son-of-bitches got me for $1800 and when I confronted they ass they gone say that they were a legit lending company but if I ever find them bastards I'm gone try to kill em' but I just took it as a loss now but don't think I don't want my money. "DON'T FALL FOR THEY SHIT"

Posted by cgreen on 11/20/2008
For those of you who got ripped off by Star One, they are back at it again and going by Oakdale Lending Group now. I was taken for $1713.60 by this company and I am fighting hard to make this known all around the world. If anyone has any further information regarding Oakdale Lending, please post. The more info I can find, the better off we will all be. This company is out of Charlottesville, VA.

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