Sprint Nextel Complaint

Sprint Wireless Customer Service SUCKS

For the Santa Cruz, CA area

Several months back Sprint sent me an email to change my online username because of security reasons. I verified this by going to the Sprint web page. Once I changed my name, I was no longer able to access my account. Calling Sprint service useless for they are a bunch of morons. You are either put on hold for 20 or so minutes and disconnected (by Sprint), or get an idiot on the line that puts you back on the wait queue. It doesn't take my last 6 digits of my social or zip code, and complains that I didn't enter my 'previous balance' correctly. How can I when Sprint stopped sending me paper bills. By the way, they did this on their own accord, not mine. They also stopped sending email notices when your bill was due too. I guess its their way of ratcheting up your late charges.

Back to my story; For some unknown reason my phone blocks text messages and Sprint can only send a temporary password via text to my cell, not to my email address, nor can the service tech obtain one to give to me verbally while I'm talking to them. Escalating to Web services dept gets you put back on the stupid wait list for that viscous cycle again! I've gone through this five times and will no more. Consumer Reports was right, Sprint's service is POOR. I am canceling my account as soon as I find a replacement phone.

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