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I was in the process of looking for a vehicle in February of 2013. I had just received my income taxes back and had run across a car on craigslist. The car I was interested in was a 2002 chrysler concorde. I had my boyfriend go up and purchase the vehicle while I was at work so that I would be sure to get it. When my boyfriend got to new georges auto the vehicle I was interested in was the best car on the lot. Looked like a dump. The boyfriend wasn't familiar with the town well enough to take it for a test drive so he looked it over n started it to check it out. The car looked good n sounded ok at the moment. So he then paid $3500 in cash. The dealer said it was very sound and an excelleny driver. There were supposedly no mechanical issues with the car. The dealer couldbt look him in the eye but kept saying there was no lemon law in Illinois so he couldn't come back on new georges auto if there were problems. Papers were signed and away he drove. On the tide home the car started showing its tru colors. The check engine light kept flasging and dinging. Then it started to surge and bog. Acted as if it had no power til you give it a lot of gas. Get to a stop light and it would die did this all rhe way back to sheffield. We had to put new tires on the back because there were chunks missing and they wouldn't keep air. While the mechanic had the tire off me noticed there was an x marked on the inside of the rim, which means its a junkyard part. About a month of owning the car and putting up with the dying and surging I bought a few sensors n had them replaced. Thats when we boticed theres also an x on the motor. A junkyard motor. things were adding up. A few months went by and my temporaey tag expired because new georges auto didn't send me my plates in time. I called them and all they said is we haven't had a chance to get them sent. I went to the dmv n got a new set of temp tags. Last month I was having problems with my passenger back window. Thats when I discovered that both passenger windows had been replaced. They didn't match the driver side and tge two on the passenger side didn't match eachother. The car obviously had been wrecked having all the junkyard parts and two mismatxhin passenger windowa. They failed to be honest and say that. I would have saved my money and bougjt a safer car for my child and me if I would have known. I bought it February 15, 2013. Today is July 21, 2013. I still haven't received my title from them so I can't even trade it off. They told me 2 weeks ago they would send it out. What kind of a dealership is this? I advise everyone to research and bot buy anything from new georges auto in moline, il

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