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I’m writing with the hope that this letter actually reaches you and that you believe that a company should believe in and all persons associated with that company abide by their Vision and Mission and Values Statement.

That has not been my experience with Sears Hardware.
Their Vision, Mission and Values statement is below.

Our Vision
Sears Holdings is committed to improving the lives of our customers by providing quality services, products and solutions that earn their trust and build lifetime relationships.

Our Mission
• Build customer relationships
• Make more money
• Improve every day
Our Values
• Focus on the customer
• Build and align teams
• Know how to make money
I purchased a tractor from Sears Hardware 852 North Colony Road, Wallingford, Ct.

The reason I went to Sears Hardware was because I was told they had excellent customer service. The experience I had was one of the most frustrating and exasperating services ever.

The chronology is as follows:
• Purchased the tractor on December 5th with a deliver date of Dec 7th (The delivery date is on the purchase receipt). I was told at the time of the purchase that the delivery person would start the tractor and show me how to use it.
• Took Dec 7th off work to be home for delivery
• Received a call confirming delivery of Dec 7th
• On Dec 7th, I received a call saying that it wouldn’t be delivered due to late arrival at warehouse.
• Store advised I needed to come in and have a new transaction completed to accommodate the new delivery date.
• Delivery area called to verify delivery date of new tractor, and I asked about having to have a new transaction completed. I was told it was not necessary. Delivery was set for Dec 14th.
• The tractor was delivered without a key or a manual.
• I advised the driver that I didn't want to accept delivery without being assured it would work or without a manual.
• The driver called the store and I was told the manual and key was at the store. I asked 2 times if they were sure they had both the manual and key. I was told yes.
• I only signed for the tractor after it was indicated on the delivery receipt that it would be picked up within 2 hours if I did not get the key and manual.
• I went to the store and was advised by the manager, KEVIN, they didn't have a manual and that if I wanted one I would need to call delivery. I went though the whole story again and then told them to take it back.
• I was then advised that I would be charged a 15% re-stocking fee. I told them what the delivery person told me and I they just advised that there would be a 15% re-stocking fee.
• I was never advised of a re-stocking fee.

This entire transaction has been mishandled by the Sears Associates. There was just one man, Ray, at the Wallingford location, that provided great customer service. The service that man provided was negated by the unprofessional, rude behavior of Kevin, the manager of that store.

I was not delivered a tractor with all the necessary pieces, I paid a $65.00 delivery fee, and I am not able to return it without paying a price. This is wrong.
I find it hard to believe that a company that prides itself on good Customer Service, and has a Vision, Mission and Values statement that focuses on Customer Service can condone such behavior. The marketing Sears does to attract customers is all for nothing if, when a customer goes into one of their store, they are treated with disrespect and disdain. I know I will not make or break this company, but a company should be responsible to treat customers with the respect they deserve.

I may be stuck with this tractor, but I can assure you that it will be the last purchase I make from Sears and I will tell everyone I know about how I was treated.
It is my hope that by writing this other future customers may be spared this type of treatment.

Sandra M. DeCicco
Dr. Sharon P. Misasi

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Reader Comments:

Posted by pcroft1 on 01/26/2009
I am sorry to hear of your shopping experience at this location. This store is now under new management and focusing on bringing customer service back to Wallingford.

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