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No working washer yet!

My washer quit working 6 weeks ago. I contacted Sears where the item was purchased to schedule a repair call. After 3 visits the washer first problem is fixed, but simataneouly another has manifested. Sears solution another repair call or they will refund my service warranty money (approx. $200.00). I have lost $1395.00 in wages already for their non-productive repair calls. Now have scratches on my floor and wood work from the tech. pushing the washer back into place. They think it's completely ridiculous that I won't let them back into my house or accept the warranty money back. What am I to do?



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Reader Comments:

Posted by junk_6666 on 07/05/2007
Get service manager to look at floor - they should repair it. As for extended warranty, look for any lemon clauses in contract - that's your only hope of getting washer replaced, otherwise you'll have to settle for another service call.

Posted by thisismybox1 on 01/22/2012
Sue them in Small Claims Court for the Maximum Amount Allowed. In My State that's $10,000.00. Take lots of Photos,

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