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The Worst Service From Sears

On 4/28/06 my husband and i purchased 3 kenmore appliances: stove, refrigerator & microvawe. We spent $ 2,444.96. Until today we have not received our refrigerator which costed us $1,300.Sears has had scheduled 8 deliveries of this appliance to our home (one of them did not even take place at all) and every time a damaged merchandise was sent to us. Sears has taken our old refrigerator out during the first delivery and replaced it with a broken appliance that now needs to be exchanged. We are hopeless. We have talked to tons of people from sears and their delivery team and noone is resolving the situation. We have all the names of people we talked to and we have spent hours on the phone regarding this issue. Today the 8th delivery was sent and again dented refrigerator was sent to us. We do not know where to go for help. Sears is very uncooporative and the customer service nor the supervisors are resolving the situation. Please help us get what we paid for. Thank you.

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