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How to get a $77.00 iron for $300.00 at Sears

I purchased a $77.00 iron in September 05 from Sears in Warwick, R.I. I did not have my credit card and asked the cashier if she could debit without the actual card. When she resaearched her computer she came up with 2 accounts. One was in my name which was used for a 1 time purchase for appliances in my home built in 1999. I explained that I did not use the account in my name and to debit my husband's account. (I have since paid off the balance online on that account.) In January '06 I mistakenly received a letter from Sears (it was addressed to my old address) stating I was 3months past due and they were ready to report me to the credit bureau. I immediately called Sears and found that it was for the iron purchased in September. At first I wanted to have them remove the charge and credit my husband's as I orignally asked, but my husband said to just pay it off. I paid off the iron and the late charges were referred to the customer service for review. I have kept contact every two weeks with Sears waiting for the outcome. During one of my calls I was informed that I would be responsible for the finance charge that had accrued. I gladly paid the $9.18 finance charge only to receive an additional $39.00 late fee. The end result was that Sears refused to remove the late fees. Reason: I did not inform them of my change of address. I wanted to know from them how I was to do that when I was unaware that account exsisted and have received no mailings or credit cards from them. They apologized and said the charges were valid. I have been a Sears customer in good standing since 1976. It is difficult to believe that they refuse to compromise in a situation that has been clearly a misunderstanding. I am upset that I have accrued late fees while this has been in dispute and I'm also upset with customer service supervisor Ms. Jones, who has threatened me with the accumulation of late fees if I did not pay. I hope that you can help me.

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