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Scammer Tenant Evicted And Moved In Other Occupants - Housing

- los angeles

We have a initial short buyer who was never able to perform the purchase contract. She has attempted to bring over 5 different straw buyers to property to purchase. No one was able to perform so we provided her a 60 day notice to terminate. Squatter never vacated property. She has played the system by not moving out and extending her eviction by filing fraudulent responses, Demurre and now bankruptsy at each court session. She has added 1/8 owner to title of property and brought in new tenants to reside in property with fraudulent agreement. She has refused to move. We are now awaiting eviction to be completed. Person is a scammer and have brought other's to live in the property while she's being evicted. Is there any help for the owners? The squatter's name is Kim Ross of Los Angeles.

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