"Straight It" Rockaway Mall Kiosk Booth Complaint

Save your hair from Amika Flat Irons! - Amika Flat Iron

- Rockaway Mall

I was stopped by a man working for the Straight It Kiosk at the Rockaway Mall. They sell Flat Irons, and when I decided to sit down and try it, the Man trying stated how safe these flat irons are, 100% ceramic, so a 100% safe! The guy then proceeded to show me how safe it was by holding it in one place on my hair. HE BURNT MY HAIR! False advertisement by the Amika hair products, and as well as by this Kiosk! There is nothing now I can do for my hair but wait months for it to grow out! They should be out of buisness! The owner is not willing to take blame and apoligise! I have no recourse, and feel that this buisness shouldn't be in buisness, if they aren't willing to take responsibility. When I complained to the mall, I was pretty much told nothing can be done! They pay rent, so obviously money is more important to them then helping me! I am disgusted, and just want to put the world out to future consumers that they aren't SAFE, like they state! Don't fall for the Lies!

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