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This Satellite company,"Direct TV," charges a cancellation fee per month for 2 yrs contract. I have always been a cable person where this has never been an issue. I RENTERS BEWARE! When you sign up, which I did verbally by phone never was it mentioned that you go on contract for 2 years. I happened to move to a place that included cable in my rent. They had no flexability for this situation. They went into my bank account and took almost $400.00 out without my consent. They were very rude and frustrating on the phone. They made no exception. I have since been able to get my bank to have them put back the money but now they have put me into collections. Direct TV uses deceptive business practices by telling you that when you sign for the equipment the contract is on the back. I challenged that and said to fax me, "the said contract," that shows my signiture and of course they couldn't but waisted more of my time in arguing more on the fee. No mention of cancellation fee or contract at the beginning of sale or even at installation was advised. This proves they do not communicate their business practices honorably. Please help all of us that have been taken by this "snaky company." That is a quote from my bank! Thankyou Susan Carter

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Reader Comments:

Posted by jjs134 on 10/08/2009
I have been a dtv customer for years. I became dissatisfied with service and wanted to switch providers. I found out today about a $380 cancellation charge to drop service. I did not know about any cancellation fee. I never signed a contract. What the hell is going on. I didn't sign anything.

Posted by themulligan2000 on 07/21/2010
Direct TV is dishonest about the services you are signing for. When I turned down the $19.99 special as I was told it was for 2 years, I was told they had a regular price of $29.99 upgrade which I could have for a year. Well folks, the year is up and I've been told that I signed (again no signature available) and am responsible to read literature sent to me. I wrote the President's office and spoke to a very nice lady but to no resolve. She was informative and kind. I have communicated that they need to remove any commission based incentives as all it serves to do is deceive the customer. This was my first experience with any type of cable as I lived up high where rabbit ears sufficed so I'm really skeptical of trying anyone now. I also learned that I never own the box either and that is must be returned. Buyer Beware: Direct TV sales people lack honesty and integrity

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