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Foreclosure Scam!! Stealing personal property.... - Property Preservation/Inspection

- Brooklyn Hgts., OH

My personal home in Waterford, MI was in the redemption period and Safeguard Properties Inc. was contracted by National City Mortgage, MI to inspect, winterize and secure my residence. I was never evicted from my home nor never received letter from the mortgage company. My personal belongings were still in home and garage, and when I went to check my residence there was a lock box on the front door. Two days after, I called the mortgage company and they gave me the code to the lock box to get in. Upon entry I noticed my brand new leather furniture was stolen. So I called and made a police report w/ the local police dept. and notified both Safeguard Properties, and National City Mortgage about the theft. Safeguard Inc. states they will refer it to their legal dept. and National City states I have been evicted! Well,they said they will try to get my furniture back. Four days later I returned to the property and noticed power tools, hand tools and lawn equipment were now missing from the garage. So I called the police again and they added it to the initial report. Called Safeguard and they were STILL in process of notifying their legal dept. Spoke w/ "Larry" from Pioneer Corp. (sub-contracted by Safeguard) and he stated "Take a number, it could be me or 50 others, because the lock boxes all have the same codes and keys in Michigan!" I removed the keys from the lock-box after the first theft incident, and there was no evidence of B&E on the first or second theft. So I take it that they have additional keys since they are all the same. I want it to be known that this is happening to more people than just me and it is bad enough that people are losing homes in this economy let alone to become a victim of larceny. Hope other victims will see this article and they too will come fwd w/ their own complaints to blow this scam wide open.

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Reader Comments:

Posted by dryals on 06/20/2008
wow!check this i went home today to my new house that i closed on monday its now friday got there and all my locks changed all my stuff gone! wtf? safeguard?? came over?? no water?? house now has lots of dings scratchs on hardwood floors = LAWSUIT! this was my new house and safeguard broke in and stole everything then locked me out my new house that ive owned for 5 days.

Posted by oatsocala on 07/16/2008
Interesting, in the process now of trying to find out what happen to my furniture from my home that was going into foreclosure. Safeguard properties,inc was the ones I am told had possesion. I am trying to find phone #'s to contact them. Please let me know if you have one
Thanks A. Oats

Posted by sololo on 08/25/2008
I came home for vacation I am having renovations done to my house. They house has been perfect . Ever since safe guard showed up I'm missing items out of my house and windows have been broken and locks removed.

Posted by TGLENN007 on 09/29/2008
My vacation home was broken into, locks changed and my property stolen by Safeguard Property subs. I was not in foreclosure, or anything like it! How many of us are there???

Posted by mikymota on 10/05/2008
MM.... may be with the money you purchase you BRAND NEW LEATHER FORNITURE you coud paid the bank and avoid this incident.

Posted by notforyou on 10/24/2008
you are a douche your bills and you wouldn't have this issue.

Posted by worrellb on 11/01/2008
I guess we just entered your world. Safeguard essentially did a B and E and left the house unsecured for a week. We check on our house every two weeks and it is not in foreclosure yet. The slit the screen jimmy the window, broke the lock, took off the garage door, and removed the lock from the front door. Nothing was secured and my wife was freaked out when she went to check on the property. We are working with the police to file a B and E report. Not to mention stuff is missing.

Posted by buddy2202 on 11/18/2008
Guess I get to join the "Safeguard Ripped Me Off Too" club. My house is in limbo with the mortgage company, I know they are going to foreclose, Citifincial. I have had no contact with my mortgage company, in fact when I talked to them today they haven't started the foreclosure process, but they did hire Safeguard Properties to inspect and winterize my house. What a surprise when I came home, found my valuables stolen, my locks changed. They stole the food from my refrigerator, even my half drank water bottles. They said I'd get my stuff back. It's nice to see so many victims out there from this company. I've filed a police report with Gladstone, MO police, I will not let this drop. I will find an attorney to file a class action lawsuit since so many have been victimized. It's hard enough to lose my home, but it's unacceptable to lose what little I have left.

Posted by wendelltu on 12/13/2008
I am a realtor who markets forclosed homes. These third party vendors maintaining homes are often doing more damage than good. The local contractors are hired based on profits, cheaper the better. Who do you think they get? Then these guys are poorly supervised with keys and presumed authorized access to lots of homes. My properties managed by these companies lose more appliances and valuables than others where I am given the task of hiring the local contractor. Shame on Banks for not supervising their subcontractors and following the law. Better hiring practices with contractors would solve this.
In my state Realtors have been fingerprinted and our criminal records are monitored because we have access to peoples homes.
What kind of background checks are they doing on these contractor guys?
They get paid all the time to make repairs to homes, repairs they have often caused.

Posted by jtwolgamott on 01/07/2009
Yeah, I am a contractor in Michigan who previously worked with Safeguard Properties. Not only are they trying to get contractors to do work that is completely unlawfull, they are not paying the contractors for work they have performed. Believe me I have turned down loads of work from Safeguard because either the property appeared to be occupied, or the belongings in the home were valued to be more than just refuse left behind by walkouts. Whenever I refused to do work they attempted to coerce me into doing it by threatening non payment on outstanding invoices. I terminated my services with them due to their B.S. business practices. Currently they owe me over $5,000. ATTENTION REALTORS

Posted by couchwhite on 01/09/2009
leave a light on, a note. some sign of occupancy. read the covenanent of your contract. it is human to error, are you making any. not to mention, homes are stickered for crooks and theives to easily spot. talk to your neighbors. they're watching us. some are even talking to us. crooks took your personals, cut your screens, jimmyed your locks. we are paid well for a job, and do it accordingly. these are tough times for all of us. pay attention, and safeguard your uninhibited homes first. lastly, did you call the number on the card?

Posted by opey13 on 01/21/2009
would like to hear from jtwolgamott in reference to leaving safegauard. i too am a contractor for safegaurd and tired of being grouped with thug con/ who dont know about qaulity service and integrity. im ready to move on with my better clients and could use some advice on recieving my payables, if there any other contractors in this same sitaution id like to hear back from you also. jacksonville fl

Posted by illinois.reo on 02/18/2009
Hey opey13. Safeguard Properties Inc is a scam. As a contractor you will never get your money back unless you start leaning properties while you can or figure out some way to have your work load drastically slowed down to a bare minimum so they think you are still in good standing with them to take a minimal loss. Safeguard Properties Inc will do whatever it takes to not pay their contractors once you have stated that you will no longer do work for them. You should know, as a contractor for them in good standing that they will do whatever it takes to make you have to fight for your money. I think it is part of their business plan. If you do work for them then you should know their ridicules “charge backs” and they will do everything they possibly can, charge back wise, to make sure you do not get your money. In my experience they did it illegally. In my opinion Safeguard Properties Inc is due for a class action lawsuit against them on behalf of their contractors, inspectors, most likely their clients and all these people that have had their homes invaded unlawfully. It amazes me how a company can do illegal things for profit and it becomes a civil matter rather than a criminal matter simply because it is a company doing it.

Posted by inspector on 02/24/2009
I am too an inspector at Safegaurd, and the work load that they put on a inspector is rediculous. Atleast 50 houses every two days, and when you work out how much it costs for gas,and vehicle upkeep. Its just not worth it. I have not had any pay problems, but making such little money to inspect a home is probably the reason why. Any other inspectors out there?

Posted by rufuspaigel on 02/26/2009
I am working things out with the bank to save my home. It has not foreclosed and I know what the bank and I have worked out. Safeguard went into my house and winterized it. The did not know they had been in. I have contacted the bank and safeguard. They went in my house off a vacant report. Now they have to ask the bank if they can go back in. Crazy!!! Somebody is going to get sued. I hope soon.

Posted by rufuspaigel on 02/26/2009
People act like there is not a problem out there with the economy. What goes around comes around. When you lose your job and trying to hang on to your house then you will see.

Posted by jlennon80 on 03/04/2009
For all of you who has advised that Safeguard entered your house illegally I think you should read your mortgage agreement. It states..and you signed it that if your loan is delinquent and the property is vacant the bank has every right to protect their investment. You DO NOT need to be in foreclosure...just delinquent on the loan.

And for you dryals....the reason the bank sent Safeguard to your property is because they never received payoff on the original loan. So maybe you should check with whoever you bought the house from and ask them why they did not pay the bank what was owed to them.

And for you worrellb...again it does not need to be in foreclosure...vacant and delinquent is all it takes and you have admitted it was your mortgage agreement.

And for you illinois.reo ...If you do your job right and you do it on time you wouldn't have a problem...are you reading your work orders? Are you following them> ...and by the way it is "liening" not "leaning"

Posted by garythearse on 03/09/2009
to: jtwolgamott

You probably got hired for stealing possessions of the homes you were sent to do work in.

Just saying...

Posted by garythearse on 03/09/2009
To: illinois.reo

The chargebacks you're complaining about are likely from not following the banks work requests or padding the invoice.

Posted by garythearse on 03/09/2009
to: rufuspaigel

Try taking responsibility for your short term problems instead of blaming others. Did you ever have any consideration for the other 89% of homeowners who DO pay their mortgages?

Posted by senormango on 03/13/2009
There are several things that went wrong here. First you weren't given an icestion notice. The moron who was given the work order should had looked inside and as soon as he seen any personal belongings, he should had documented, take a few photos, report it back to Safeguard and leave.
I'm a preservation contractor, I don't care how much money the bank is going to pay me, if I arrive at a property and I see as much as a piece of furniture, I'm gone. It's not just illegal, it's an ethics issue. Safeguard puts out all these memos for the contractors but they don't enforce them so they are worthless. They should can and sue this lowlife who besides doing something illegal had the nerve to tell you "get in line". Evidently they are alot of preservation companies out there that all they are concern about is making money without any regard for the law or peoples lives.
I would get a lawyer and start suing everyone involved in this mess.
And to those who seem to think that had he/she paid the mortgage thsi wouldn't had happen, you're just as much as low life as the guy who broke in. It's none of my business if you pay your mortgage or not, but it is my business if I'm a friking thief and break into your house (with or without a work order) and steal your stuff.

Posted by babyraerae7 on 04/08/2009
I am so sorry to hear the stories from so many people! I had just a couple things in the house when they came to "winterize" the house after winter is practically over. They left half the windows unlocked and a side door unlocked. Would they ever stop to wonder if someone was done with their house if they are still paying utilities?? I'm sure its their job, but I also think our mortgage companies need to notify us as well. Like a 30 or even 15 day notice that they will come and lock your house up. That was most frustrating!!

Posted by babyraerae7 on 04/08/2009
I just had to add more to all the people commenting on how its our fault... Well no shit! We know that but we also get to keep our belongings! The bank doesnt want them, so for you who do work for safeguard and are stealing...So happy to hear that your doing so well with your mortgage payments by selling everyone belongings who are struggling! Good job pats on the back to all of you thiefs.

Posted by lotopkev on 04/10/2009
Just so everyone knows, there are certain requirements to every job order, and unfortunately not all contractors are honest. Just a reminder that if you pay your mortgage on time or make contact with your lendor this WOULD NOT HAPPEN! PAY YOUR BILLS

Posted by bjhesau on 04/16/2009
i will love to get together with others and file a law suit they did about the same to me and my husband they distoryed 4 rooms of funiture and 3 shed houses my husband is dying from bone cancer and the one thing that kept him feeling halfway good was our king size bed that they brokeup as if it was a twig please contract me lets put a end to this crazyness.

Posted by bjhesau on 04/16/2009
after reading the comments again you know this really is sad, and the person who said just pay your bills and this would not happen i am so sorry that you live in another world what ever our reason were for being behind in our payment we still legally should be noticfied of any action they are going to take they did not give me an eviction until 2 month after the had distored my belongings again i say i was dealing with rising 6 grandchildren and taking care of my husband that has bone cancer if they would have notifiied us i would have taken my belonging out but you know i will not rest until safeguard is out of business or money. get back with me if you are willing to fight (

Posted by weflyppc on 05/05/2009
I have been with Safeguard for about 60 days. Just about every single invoice I have sent in they have cut. I work with several other PPR companies and have since 2001. I was taught by them how to count cubic yards. Well safeguard does not count cubic yards the way the rest of the world counts it. For every 3 cubic yards another company would count as 3 safeguard counts as 1 or less. They continue to cheat people out of money. I say all vendors should band together and quit them all on the same day. Let them get out there and do the job we do. Sweat, stink, nasty hot work. Let them clean crap out of a toilet or get eat up by fleas in a nasty house. If all of us would band together they would stop this mess. They take 25% of our check and then cut our invoices. They are a bunch of theives.

Posted by weflyppc on 05/05/2009
I was reading the post. I to am a ppr vendor. If I go to a property and see that their are personal belongings in there worth more than 300.00 I back out lock the place us and notify the company that it is going to have to have an eviction done on it. These vendors that go in a take things I have heard about but my integrity is worth more than anything the bank could pay me. I can't wait to find out who is filing the class action lawsuit against Safeguard. I want in on it. Wish the banks knew how bad they treat their vendors and probably how much they are ripping the banks off for.

Posted by emcort2000 on 05/11/2009
I read these comments and get literally sick to my stomach just thinking how mean, rude and indifferent the human race is to one another. Is there no compassion left in our world? I,too, was taken to the cleaners by safeguard and their contractors. No,i did not fall behind on my payments, in fact the house was paid for. They supposedly just went to the wrong house and called themselves winterizing it. They took furniture, income tax records, appliances, dishes, tools,computer, home furnishings, everything they could tote out, then my doors and windows were boarded and locked. Upon returning home ans finding this horror,i called the police, which did nothing, had to beg safeguard for combo to get in lock box. after receiving the combination i was not able to get a return call from anyone at safeguard to obtain my belongings or to even just tell me where to go get them. that was sept 2008 still no phone calls from anyone and lock boxes and boards remain on doors and windows, my point is regardless if someone falls behind on payment or just has a bad luck streak there is proper protocol that is suppose to be followed by these companies, mortgage companies and contractors, by adhering to their own rules and regs these outrageous incidents would not happen. Please let me hear from anyone who has also been wronged by safeguard and /or their contractors.

Posted by jerrynesgoda on 05/17/2009
I'm another pissed off Safeguard contractor who has been screwed by this company.They cut your invoice after it's sent in to what they say it should be. I really wonder if they cut it to the lender after they have your original invoice and pocket the difference this should be looked into by the goverment. Yes I would also like to get in on a lawsuit against these crooks who still owe me about $2500. I've been looking into internet fraud and it sure looks like they fall into that. We have also decided to give them back the cubic yards that they say wasn't hauled away.Then the lender can pay again to cleanup what we didn't get paid for we'll see how the lender like it.Maybe thats the kind of thing that might get the lenders attention that they have the worst asset management company on the planet. Also they say all legal stuff is under Ohio law thats bull the properties we are owed for are in Wisconsin and will get wisconsin contractor liens put on them Safeguard can come to Wisconsin and figure it out. Contractors who have been screwed by them should be putting leins on properties that they are owed for in all the states where Safeguards rip offs are happening then the lenders have to clear it up before the property can be sold. Safeguards big customer seems to be fannie Mae because they are a goverment backed lender they should be notified as to the crooked ways of Safeguard and asked to have a goverment investegation done on them. We work for many other asset management companies and none are crooks like Safeguard. These people should be put out of business now, somehow we must unite against this terrible crime thats being committed I'm open to any good ideas fellow screwed contractors I want their head on a platter sort of speak. Give them back the debris they say you didn't move it's a start to giving them the headaches they deserve.
thanks jerry

Posted by dr_lubicz on 05/24/2009
I’m one of the contractors working for safeguard and I have to admit that they aren’t the smartest one. However when i read this story and most of this comments it makes me laugh. Instead of buying new furniture pay your bill!!! Also saying that you never got any letters or you have not been notified by the mortgage company is a LIE!!!! Foreclosure does not happen in a day. It is a process that takes few months. During that time you have received hundreds of letters notifying you about your situation. Furthermore you know that you are not paying your bill so what the heck do you expect???

Posted by coachwhite on 07/06/2009
I am an inspector with safeguard. I can and have done over 90 order in one day. If everyone would quit playing and stop complaining, maybe you would get something done. Btw, it is us inspectors who determine whether you contractors get paid. Do your damn job right. Pay your bills. You wont have problems. Ohio law clearly states if you don't do you job right safeguard doesn't have to pay you! Period. When winterizing a home you have to clean the toilet. Like it or not. Inspectors who make drastic mistakes like calling a home vacant that isn't are eventually weeded out. Sorry for those of you who have had your locks changed while still inhabiting the home. Leave some noticable evidence you're still there. Best example a living plant in the window. Turn a light on. Not everyone does their job right all the time. If you paid your mortgage and lived within your means, none of us would have these problems. Quit blaming others and take responsibility for your problems.

Posted by coachwhite on 07/06/2009
Oh, and one final thought. In almost all of the 50 states it takes 7 consecutive months of nonpayment before the bank can repo your home. Unless you leave it abandoned or in disrepair. 7 consecutive months of nonpayment! We start inspecting and taking pics of your home after you miss the first payment. Every month, usually on the exact same date. We become so familiar with you and your family we can usually tell clearly when you have left the premises. Get real, the economy isn't the problem. I pay my bills. I live within my means, yet I suffer from the same economy. Get your priorities straight!

Posted by matsfun on 07/09/2009
I am an inspector for Safeguard and have had consistant problems being paid timely. They even tell us the day the check should be sent and rarely do we receive the funds on time. I have never worked for a company that can delay sending payment for weeks sometimes, but still demand timely work on our part. They are extremely demanding to an unrealistic standard. Humans do the work and at an over 98% acccuracy rating (which is one of the best in the state), they will continue to find flaws or change the rules with no notice. We are very good at reading the requirements posted with orders to insure accurate inormation is being given, but Safeguard is very good at deciding (after they have the inspection completed) that they now want more pictures and they will not pay us for the return trip as well as a very obvious threat to cancel and chargeback 5x what I get paid for the order. As an inspector, ethical business practices should be in place. Not this fly by the seat of your pants crap! I have never worked for such an unprofessional company in my life and if I could find another company to work for I would quit today!

Also, for those attacking people who have lost their houses to foreclosure...shut up with your preathing! You should consider yourself lucky in this economy that you still have a job and the ability to pay for you house. I bet if you lost your job and were out of work for months, your position would be similar to some others who have lost everything. Also, the law allows security of property, not the taking of any personal property..their should be a lawsuit and people should complain more to the better business bureau. They are getting good press, but the public is not seeing the behind the scenes fraudulent business practices of safeguard.

Posted by jkonquer34 on 08/26/2009
im in the same situtaion with everyone. they came in and took my belongings.

any updates on how you guys solve this issue?

Posted by jkonquer34 on 08/26/2009
please e-mail with updates

safeguard pretty much said F-U and told me that I took my own stuff. wow

Posted by thefinalweewaw on 10/05/2009
Closed on house Wednesday...have already moved in some personal items and Safeguard came and change all the locks and even padlocked my gates! Said previous mortgage company authorized it. Here's the contact number I have for them (not that they will do anything) 216-739-2900. I even called the police but they said the company didn't do anything criminal. Um, besides breaking into my house yeah sure. Haven't been able to get in yet so I don't know if they took any of my belongings.

Posted by slingblade0310 on 10/07/2009
I'm an Inspector and Contractor for Safeguard. We do lock outs/wints/lawn cuts as well as the occupancy inspections. We usually do 2 or 3 inspections on a house to verify occupancy on the Inspection side of things before receiving an order on the P

Posted by jtwolgamott on 10/12/2009
Safeguard Properties still owes me about $2,500. I wrote one of the original comments on this story about a year ago. I terminated my services with Safeguard in March of 09 due to non-payment issues. They are a crooked bunch and anyone working with them is at risk. My heart goes out to the home owners who have been locked out and had their possesions stolen by this company. I refused to do work on properties that appeared occupied or contained belongings (much to the disapointment of Safeguard). I encourage everyone who has been wronged by Safeguard (home owners and contractors alike) to write their congressmen/women, the BBB, the FBI, and anyone else who will listen. If anyone has thoughts on a means of forming a class action lawsuit please let us all know.

Posted by SUESAFEGUARD on 10/13/2009
I am a Real estate broker here in Tucaon. Basically what Safeguard is doing is illegal. They are breaking and intering into properties that are still occupied and the mortgage companies are doing the same. Not to mention the theft of personal property. The are basically hiring people that are not licensed pay them per house and they see the opportunity to make a quick buck.

On 10/09/09 Safe guard broke into the property that I have listed. The home was not abandon and was for sale on the market as a short sale. Now before any of you bloggers say stuff like the owners should pay their mortgage. Try this on for size. You dont have very many bills other then your mortgage. You and your wife have jobs. You both loose your jobs. You can't pay your mortgage let alone your other bills.

So you do the right thing and do a short sale which is what your mortgage company wants you to do. Then you come to your home and it is has had the locks changed and when your finally able to get in your home you utilities are off and personal property has been stolen. Even the realtors keysafe has been broken into.

There is no doubt this is criminal and this is exactly what has happened to my clients and myself. I am looking for people to start a class action lawsuit against safeguard and mortgage companies. PLEASE JOIN ME BY EMAILING ME AT SUESAFEGUARD@COMCAST.NET

Posted by lianelee on 10/15/2009
My story is even more tragical. We bought a house in August for all cash. There is no mortgge on the house whatsoever. We signed a lease for a tenant to move in in october. While my tenant was moving in, Safeguard went into the house per the order of the previous owner's mortgage company, winterized my house, and caused me to loss a tenent that supposed to pay $1790 per month for rent. They also messed up my main water valve. I am so mad!

Posted by josterrieder on 10/21/2009
I am looking for the contractors and realtors listed in this comment section to contact me to discuss the situation with Safeguard for possible legal action. Send me your email address so I can communicate with you.

Posted by sgraley on 10/21/2009
I would like to know where everyone went to work after they left safeguard since safeguard has everyone locked under contract? I am in NC and stuck with safeguard and they steal and they cheat people out of the money they owe and now they want to lower the rates again I need to go to someone else. can any one help me get with another company who is not a cheat and a crook please

Posted by justins599 on 11/15/2009
I am a sub contractor for Safeguard Properties and other nationwide Mortgage Field service companies. We do not "steal" anyones belongings. Nor do we go and break into peoples homes. We are doing our job solving this incredible housing crisis. Safeguard wouldnt be sent to this homes if you paid the bills. The banks dont want these homes, I dont want your stuff, we are just doing our job. If you paid the bills I wouldnt be there.

Posted by kmm3231 on 12/04/2009
Our company just started doing work with Safeguard. Given all your comments, it looks as if they run the same game plan on all their contractors....overload them with work, drive up your accounts receivables...then hold the contractor hostage. Good to know!! We're into our second month with them, and I have to say, it hasn't been a bad experience so far...I'll keep you updated as to how this new adventure plays out!

Posted by hbsherrod on 12/09/2009
hey kmm3231
we are in process of becoming a safeguard vendor
how is it going so far?
which state are you in ?
we are in southeast, seems like there will be alot of work
others feedback ?

Posted by donttreadonme on 01/05/2010
I had a large theft of personal property while safeguard was enetering my home on 3 occasions.
1 item was a 109 year old stamp collection started by my Great Grandfather.
No price could be put on that, everything else totalled $1000.
Safegaurd wouldn't give me the info on whom they subcontracted out to, I sought this info to aid in a police investigation, "Kevin" at Safegaurd pretty much accused me of the type that "would do something to end up on the news" and refused to give up the contractors name.
Most of the items were taken from drawers or closets, except my coffee maker and 2 lava lamp nite lites and my cordless drill with 2 batteries and my brand new car battery charger.
I feel Safeguard was intentionally keeping me from my home hoping to auction off the homes content.
I too never recieved any foreclosure notifications, and the after contacting the bank after the first BREAK IN of my home by Safeguard, was assured it would not occur again, that a notice to Safegaurd to cease all activity on my property had been issued. Safeguard claims otherwise. I think they are covering their asses because they hire felons and thiefs.
I had 500 rounds of ammunition taken the first time, after my dead bolt was removed.
They didn't find my guns, luckily, so I removed them to a safe location.
The second time the lock on their doorknob was installed. I was finally given the comination to the lockbox. The third time the box was removed, to further try to keep me from entering.
I did get the combo to the lockbox, so if anyone here has a problem with the crooks out of Safeguard, and if all their lock boxes have the same combo #, try 4652, the # given by a receptionist.

Posted by donttreadonme on 01/05/2010
add me too for updates and if a bunch are willing to sue these thieves.
Even if it were not to gain anything monetarily, just to make it known how Safeguard does business and shut this company down for good so noone else gets robbed by them is worth it to me.

Posted by bcole on 01/05/2010
First, for all of you that have made comments about people "not paying their bills" or being "douchebags"....lets see how you feel when you lose your job and or get sick and are unable to make your payments. I did not over pay for my house nor did I buy a house I could not afford, in fact I put a substantial amount down put through a series of events was unable to refinance my loan when values in my area dropped considerably. After many months of going round and round with the bank to get a "modification" they presented a pure BS offer which offered us no relief at all. Thus we had to let our home go into foreclosure...however, like the other people on this site, while we were in the process of removing our belongings, SafeGuard came in and removed all our personal belongings and put a lock box on the door. This is a violation of our civil rights. There is a due process in place through our county sheriff's department that requires the bank to file a "writ of possession" so that you have ample time to finish removing your items. This was NEVER done by the bank. Our items were stolen..hands down, no argument. Just because you cannot pay your bills does not give them the right to take your stuff. That's what the laws are for, to protect our rights...if we dont' fight back, what's next....being thrown in debtors prison?!?!?! The bank gets the house back so therefore has the opportunity to get their money back but our personal belongings and family heirlooms are gone...thrown in the dump. I agree with the other person who said it's bad enough to lose your home but then to have your memories and belongings stolen is just down right criminal!! I encourage all of you in our position to fight back....we plan to!!

Posted by llymiller on 01/08/2010
I live in Cleveland, Ohio and we have been invaded by Safeguard Properties.
Please visit our community website, REALNEO, to voice your concerns. We need some help here. asap!!!

Posted by neal on 01/14/2010
My client with their 40 acre farm, for sale sign outside the house, lock box on the door, no notification, door forced opened and entered under the guise of winterizing a vacant property. The thing is that it was the middle of winter and the property was already winterized, you see it’s a non-homesteaded tax status and the owners live in another city 2 hours away. So now you ask what would make them think it was vacant when there was still furniture and appliances there. not to mention the non-homestead status. When the owner winterized the property he forgot to drain the water from one of the toilet tanks and they had unbolted it from the floor in the bathroom and set it in the main entrance, now that’s a good selling fetcher!
I called on behalf of my client to see what was up and Safeguard said that the contractor had to heat the house up to winterize it but that was already done. There was also no way they could have heated it up as all fuel was locked down and lock in tacked, not to mention that it was 20 degrees below zero. Maybe the bic lighter he carried was sufficient to heat that big house up and thaw those lines out on the less than 2 hours the neighbors said he was there.
The only thing that these folks had received from the bank was a notice of sheriff’s sale. The sheriff’s office had no knowledge of it but Safeguard advertises “maintains contact with code enforcement offices” wrong. The MN state attorney general office said when they heard it was NON-HOMESTEADED that my client should get a lawyer. If any of you are looking into a class action or something put me on the list and will let my client know.
These people are trying to do what they can to get the bank paid off with the time that’s legally provided for them. The sheriff’s sale was still a month out and I have been showing the property with interested people. This thing is getting ugly and the only recourse people really have is the law, something needs to be done…..Neal

Posted by bjhesau on 01/26/2010
this is for dr_lubiczo,first of all i am glad to see that you are the only person in the world that has no problem and pay all your bills on time keep up the good work,well the truth of the matter is no matter how my husband and i got behind on the rent, we still did not receive an eviction until 2 months later in the mean time i have lost my husband to cancer and now i am fighting for my life as well i am so glad to see all the complaints i will be taking them to a the FBI,BBB,and the CONGRESSMEN/WOMEN anyone who wants to work with me on this pleases call me @ 8328834454.LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by bjhesau on 01/26/2010
for you all that did not go into the homes in steal an or damage properties be glad but if you can read all these stroies then you know somewhere somehow something went wrong we all are not lying on safeguard.

Posted by undtecd420 on 01/27/2010
I was previously employed by a vendor of safeguard properties and I have to tell you that what was going on around me was completely illegal. We worked on houses all over Massachusetts. If you've had a problem and feel like you want to call someone other than safeguard here's my old boss's company name, name, number, and home address. "Guardian Group Properties". David E. Bruschi (owner) 90 South Street Shrewsbury, MA 01545 (617)-365-9004. Give hima call and let him know how you feel!!!

Posted by llymiller on 01/27/2010
TO undtecd420: could you please elaborate on the illegal activities that you mentioned. Specifically, were service providers going into occupied homes? please respond


Posted by llymiller on 01/27/2010
deepest sympathy regarding your husband. Could you please provide details on what happened to you relative to SAFEGUARD PROPERTIES?

please visit and voice your concerns.

Posted by undtecd420 on 01/27/2010
The activities I'm speaking about are cases such as going into properties that had valuables worth well over the $5oo limit and just throwing it all away or he would take anything that he could sell and make money off of. His shop (located at 41 Lawrence St. Northborough, MA) is still full of all sorts other peoples property. He even has a boat on his property that I'm sure belongs to someone and they would most definiately want it back as it is a very nice boat. There were many instances that I witnessed his Foreman enter a property (to take pictures and "winterize" or "change locks") and rifle through personals and basically just take what he wanted. Just a few weeks back the owner sent me and another gentleman to a house to clean it out on a Monday. There were personals in there but we were told to clean it out anyway. A few hours later I recieved a phone call from the owner stating that he spoke to safeguard and the new owners had closed on the house three days before. No notice had been sent to us by safeguard and we had already thrown what was in the house into a large dump truck that is absolutely disgusting. Half of it bein broken in the process. He told us to put everything back in the house and get out of the immediately. Obviously there is very minimal communication between the banks/vendors/and the wonderful Safeguard. When I was hired by this vendor it was done by phone interview. No backround check. No verification of having a license. Nothing!!! I just spoke to him over the phone one night and he said show up tomorrow with your boots and gloves and be prepared to get dirty. Now I know these vendors have to go through a pretty intensive backround check and I've been told it takes atleast three months to get contracted by Safeguard. But these vendors/owners are never at the jobs and through my experience have no clue about the backrounds of their employees. Just a little bit shady as far as I'm concerned. And for all these jerks out there running your mouths about "pay your bills" or "don't overextend yourselves"! Obviously your completely out of touch with whats going on in America. We're on the verge of another depression people are losing jobs and in turn losing their homes. I can't wait until Safeguard is taken to court and their true colors are shown. What are you gonna do when they get shut down and then people start suing you. Then you can't pay your bills. I bet you'll be singing a new tune then huh!!! Best wishes and God Bless all who are enduring these diffucult times. My thoughts and prayers are with you!

Posted by undtecd420 on 01/27/2010
And as far as service providers entering these homes I will say that I was always told not to let anyone in the house I was working on unless they had a work order or unless I verified it through my boss who would in turn contact either safeguard or the realtor.

Posted by llymiller on 01/27/2010
Thank you for the info. Hopefully getting word out will eliminate the unfair treatment of people who are already having a tough time. Please visit for ongoing discussion regarding SAFEGUARD PROPERTIES.

Posted by sammys_porch2002 on 02/02/2010
I live as a tenant in a house that was sold at auction in June 2009. I was not informed of the foreclosure. However, the landlord was a friend. I had paid her a year of rent because she had told me she was behind on mortgage payments on 2 rental houses. Silly me trusted this woman that had been my friend for years.

I had no idea that the house had been foreclosed on until my neighbor across the street told me in later Dec. that someone had tried to enter the house. He told them it was occupied. Then my next door neighbor faced them 3 times between Dec 28th and Jan 8, 2009. She told them it was occupied and didn't they notice that great big Golden Ret. barking at them. After that I left a note on the front door stating it was occupied, with my name signed on the papar.

This past Wednesday I came home to find a lock box on the back door, water off, $20,000 of possessions gone. They even threw all my meds from my accident in the trash.But the killer - my 8 year old Golden had been removed and sent to the Cleveland city animal pound. Thank God the police office I got called the emergency number and told the pound have my dog ready for pick up the next morning.

That same day in the mail I got the court papers for the eviction process. Funny thing is, the paper included as evidence, they had written on the paper "Certainly occupied. Also has BIG DOG"

I'm determined! Safeguard Properties will get buried by this. The Cleveland Housing Court is already not real pleased by the foreclosure effect on tenants. I'm more than willing to start a class action. Include every bank that has hired them and every contractor they've hired, and those banks and contractors may just walk away from the company. They may even be willing to testify against the company to be released from the case.
I'm also willing to contact every government Senator, and Congress person, along with every possible news agency.

You're welcome to contact me at

Posted by llymiller on 02/03/2010

Renters in Foreclosure: What Are Their Rights?
Renters and tenants whose landlords have lost their properties through foreclosure now have important rights.
Renters in Foreclosed Properties No Longer Lose Their Leases
Before May 20, 2009, most renters lost their leases upon foreclosure. The rule in most states was that if the mortgage was recorded before the lease was signed, a foreclosure wiped out the lease (this rule is known as "first in time, first in right"). Because most leases last no longer than a year, it was all too common for the mortgage to predate the lease and destroy it upon foreclosure.

These rules changed dramatically on May 20, 2009, when President Obama signed the "Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act of 2009." This legislation provided that leases would survive a foreclosure -- meaning the tenant could stay at least until the end of the lease, and that month-to-month tenants would be entitled to 90 days' notice before having to move out (this notice period is longer than any state's non-foreclosure notice period, a real boon to tenants).

An exception was carved out for the buyer who intends to live on the property -- this buyer may terminate a lease with 90 days' notice. Importantly, the law provides that any state legislation that is more generous to tenants will not be preempted by the federal law. These protections apply to Section 8 tenants, too.

Importantly, tenants who live in cities with rent control "just cause" eviction protection are also protected from terminations at the hands of an acquiring bank or new owner. These tenants can rely on their ordinance's list of allowable, or "just causes," for termination. Because a change of ownership, without more, does not justify a termination, the fact that the change occurred through foreclosure will not justify a termination.

I will post this at COMPLAINT TV so that the victims are aware of their rights and can seek legal assistance.

Posted by patrick.shevlin on 02/17/2010
I sub contracted for a man named richard cave who has a contract with safeguard. his company is real estate clean up llc. I am in central florida and he told me it took up to 45 days to get paid on jobs. I realized that he lied after he bought his toys and told me that safeguard was holding invoices. On several jobs he told me that my invoices were rejected and needed to be changed to a lesser value. In my travels I discovered he was paid for the original amount I charged and he kept the difference. This is a disgusting show of how our banks bailout money is being abused by safeguard and Richard Cave.

Posted by joelscott802 on 02/18/2010
I was recently working for safeguard but quit. They are the biggest ripoffs in the business, stay away from them or you will regret it.

Posted by snorbrown on 03/05/2010
I, too, was a victim of this company. I left a note on the door with my phone number on it stating that I still lived in the home. The company not only changed my locks, but put my dog in the city pound. My dog was inside her own home and she was put in the pound, and I had to pay $60.00 to get her out.

I called the mortgage company as well as safeguard and everyone acted as though they did not know what I was talking about in fact the rude person at safeguard hung up on me.

If there is a class action suit on this company I am in.

Posted by superman on 03/05/2010
I am a contractor for Safeguard Properties in Utah. Safeguard does the best it can to weed out the dishonest contractors, but it would be cost-prohibitive to follow contractors into every home with an inspector, (and who would follow him?). I increased my volume and hired several subs to work under my supervision, and I understand the challenge of making sure they are all ethical and honest when you can't follow them into every property. However, when we have found properties occupied (or appear to be occupied) we turn around and leave. Our guys know if they pull any shady business, they're fired. Safeguard does their best to enforce their policy of not touching personal property, and we as contractors actually have a responsibility to improve Safeguard's reputation the best we can. We have to support the hand that feeds us. As far as them not paying have to let them know you are keeping track of your invoices and you know exactly how much you are owed. Then, be a good performer and become someone they depend on so that they will want to pay to keep you performing. Don't come down so hard on Safeguard, they can't look over our shoulder in real time. The best they can do is lose the losers as fast as they show up. Contractors, respect the homes and the owners. Be honest, friendly, and ethical.

Posted by llymiller on 03/07/2010

To Undtecd420,

Hi If you could give me a call about what you saw with Safeguard vendors I really would like to hear from you. I am representing a client who had all her property removed illegally by Safeguard at her Massachusetts home. If you could e-mail me at legalpeople2 [at] comcast [dot] net to get my contact number so we can talk I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much.


Posted by laurapaas on 03/14/2010
We live in Columbus, OH. My boyfriend has found himself in a very similar situation. In fact, many of these stories are eerily similar to his. In 2007 Tom moved in with his friend Jim and in lieu of rent, Tom (my boyfriend is also a licensed contractor) would provide labor services for remodeling, not material, just labor. As materials were provided, Tom completed the work. Jim had/has some serious drinking and temper issues and there was an eventual falling out between them several months ago but moving out had not been discussed, they just avoided each other as much as possible.

Tom went out of town to do a job and was gone for almost 2 weeks. When he came back, the house was emptied of all of the furniture and only Tom's personal belongings remained along with his tools, welding equipment, and various other items. We did some checking and discovered that the house was coming up for Sheriff sale on 10/30/09. Previous to this, there was no indication that there were problems with the mortgage. We contacted the Deputy listed on the Franklin County website and advised him that Tom is a tenant of the property, had no idea what was going on and needed to know what if any his rights were. The Deputy advised him that he would have 2 or 3 months to move out. When Tom told me what he said, I didn't like the answer. I asked him to call again a few days later, and again, he was given the same information. OK, fine, he would have to move out soon, not a big deal. WRONG!

As scheduled, the property sold at auction back to the Mortgage holder. (Citi, big surprise I know) Within 4 days of the auction, SafeGuard, or it's agents had already been into the property, changed the locks on the back door, garage and rifled through Tom's belongings and made off with several hundred dollars worth of gift certificates to Mad River Mountain. They also winterized the house. At that point, he hung a sign in the mud room that was visible from outside the back door that stated he still lived there and wanted his belongings back. They had been to the property on 11/04 or 05. The police were called and a report was filed. The locks on the side door and front door were not changed and he could still enter the property with his keys. We called the number to SafeGuard and they claimed to have no job open at that address, this wasn't a property they had interest in.

3 days later, Tom went back to the house (he had been staying at my house since there was no furniture at his place) and the police had to be called again because these contractors came back and absolutely cleaned the place out to the tune of 22K. A generator, 2 welding set ups, power tools, hand tools, you name it, they took it. His Harley was in the Garage and I'm pretty sure that left unchecked, they would have been back for that later. At that point, we removed the lock from the garage and replaced it with one of ours. We also changed the lock on the front door, and nailed the side door and back door closed. They had also padlocked the overhead garage door, we also removed those locks and disconnected the opener. Several more calls were made to SafeGuard and still they said this wasn't a property they were managing. Finally out of frustration I told a CSR (term used loosely) that I was not getting off the phone until this was resolved, their stickers and sign in sheets were in the property and they need to figure out what was going on. Finally they admitted that this was a property they were dealing with. I advised the CSR (Maria, who was actually very professional) of the items missing out the house. She stated she could see that there was a generator at the property in the pictures they had from the contractor, and that she was going to forward this information to her supervisor and someone would be calling us back. I also advised her that Tom still lived in the property and that there was no running water and the property needed to be de-winterized. She said she would have put in an order for that, and someone would also be contacting us regarding that.

Fast forward a couple of days, still nothing from Safguard and Tom went to the property to check mail and pick up a couple of things he needed and while driving down the street he notices two guys sitting in a truck in front of the house. He made a right and cut down the alley that runs behind the house and garage. He watched as these guys walked to the back of the house and garage. He drove back around the block and took a picture of the license plate on the vehicle and went back into the alley and watched these guys try to get into the house using the key that was in the lockbox. Of course, since the door had been nailed shut, that didn't work, so they left. Tom called me and told me what happened. I immediately called Maria at Safeguard and told her what happened. Tom also called the police and filed another police report. That evening and attorney named Erin called. She is apparently counsel for Citi and said the contractors were there to inspect for hazardous material in the back yard. A pile of leaves covered with a Tarp was the hazardous material???? My question to her was if they were there to do an EXTERIOR inspection, why were they trying to gain entry into the property? Her answer was that she didn't know, but it was our word against theirs. I again brought up the fact that the house was winterized and that there was no running water. She said she would get in contact with SafeGuard and have that remedied. As for the equipment that was missing, she said that we would have to submit the property list to Safeguard. We carefully and honestly compiled a list of property, along with replacement cost, that was removed from the house and faxed that along with all 3 police reports to Safeguard on 12/10/09. I spoke with Octavia at SG and she confirmed they have received the fax.

About 2 weeks after I sent the report, I called Erin at the Attorneys office and asked where we were in getting this matter resolved, and of course, when we might be expecting SG out to de-winterize the house. She was not in the office, so the message would be given to her. A week passes, still no call from the Attorney and I call back to ask the same information again. Again, she's not in the office and she would have to call me back. A few days after that, I got a call from Kevin at SG. I had a copy of the fax I sent to them and he proceeded to try and trick me. He said that Tom reported to the police that the men he saw trying to get into the house were black. I told him that Tom told the police no such thing and that I was looking at the police report that clearly stated the men were Caucasian. He told me that he was waiting to hear from a Columbus Police Detective Maynard before he could move forward. I asked him who the detective was and what his function was. He told me that the detective was going to be the one who determines whether or not there was a theft???? A couple of weeks passed and I called Kevin back, I asked him if he had heard back from the detective, he stated that he hadn't. I asked him if he could please place a call and see if he can get any more information and he all of a sudden got very defensive with me. I at that point asked him to do his job because we were at the point of hiring an attorney, and the attorney had advised us that we would have to wait until the detective closed his investigation before going forward with any kind of legal action against SG and or their contractors. I also asked to speak with Kevin's supervisor, he claimed she wasn't in the office but he would have her call me. I know that you'll be surprised to know that she never did call me back. I waited a few days and called her and she played the "we can only talk to the mortgagee" card. I advised her we had no idea where he was or how to get a hold of him. She told me that she could only talk to Tom at that point. I explained to her that I was authorized by him to speak on this matter, SG and the attorney had been speaking to me exclusively per Tom's request. She wouldn't discuss it with me period. I made several calls to Detective Maynard and finally I received a call back. He told me that he was getting ready to wrap up his investigation and we have no proof that the guys that were trying to get in did anything wrong and that criminally there was nothing we could do.

A couple of weeks later, I received a call from a Lydia Walker of Motorists Insurance Company regarding a claim filed 11/11/09. At first, I had no idea what she was talking about as her message was very vague. I called her back and left her a message that I was returning her call, but she never did call me back. A few days later, Tom was in contact with SG again regarding the no water situation. He found out that the claim had moved on to the insurance adjuster and that's how we found out who Lydia was. I place another call to Lydia and again left her a voice mail. Tom was finally able to catch her at her office and she requested him to make a recorded statement over the phone regarding the claim. Tom declined to make the statement at that moment because he didn’t have the fax in his possession with the list of equipment that was taken. He is calling her tomorrow to do the statement.

In the mean time, we attended a legal clinic and spoke with an attorney who states we very much have a case against SG based on them entering a property that was not yet in their possession. In fact, when I spoke with the Attorney the first time, she told me that the sale hadn’t been confirmed yet and we were still weeks away from confirmation. If there has been no confirmation of sale, why would they enter property? She stated that because the bank is the owner. Well, if there is no confirmation of sale, that’s not exactly true.

We have a long road in front of us, but on the road we will remain. After the insurance company denies the claim, or makes some ridiculous low-ball offer to settle, we will retain an attorney and probably own that house when it’s all said and done.

If anyone has started a class action suit, we would consider filing, these guys need to be stopped.

Posted by llymiller on 03/15/2010
Please go to:
In the "search" engine at Realneo, in the left hand corner, type "safeguard properties" and hit enter. I collect all of the safeguard complaints that I find on various websites and post them all to
please post your complaints to

Posted by tristondraper on 03/21/2010
I am also a contractor for safeguard and several other companies similar to them. They all have the same policies if its over $500 it must be described as personals and documented. As for the rules, they are there to let homeowners know, however contracters dont use them. Every home i inspect unless a bankruptcy has been file is to have a letter delivered which states to contact the mortgage co. EVERY home, if no body is home it is to be left on the door or somewhere visable. Contractors DO YOUR JOB! Also if a home has been found to be vacant a visual inspection is all that is required, not every county will release homstead information (as i have found personally) you call the cout house and they want you to have accounts before they can release any info even though its public record. We are also required BY LAW! to post a notice on a prominant area of the home showing we have found it to be vacant and per HUD / FHA regulations the home will be winterized after 3 days. that as you can see will leave 3 days for the "vandals" to knowingly b

Posted by tristondraper on 03/21/2010
cut of early... basically the practice and safety is there for the homeowner contractors are failing to do their jobs. postings are to be left and are not, contact is to be made and is not. Oh and way to go donttreadonme you just gave every theif in the country access to thousands of homes with the combo you gave out. maybe stop to think you and others doing this maybe what is causing the theft of peoples personals? Idiot! that code will give the impression of working for safeguard even though my 12 year old neighbor can now access your home, tear up your stuff, and or burn it down, use it as a drug house, whatever. Now do you see why the police and Safeguard hav e

Posted by gemini45680 on 03/24/2010
We were totally screwed by Safeguard. I was building my dream home and we fell behind the mortgage for 2 months and a default was sent out asking to pay the two months, we did, and continued payments. The residence is a beautiful cottage on a lake, listed as our second residence.We lock it up every year until April. They never sent us any notices to our home in town where we listed the mailing address on the mortgage. Safeguard came there, said our electric was off and citing other reasons for abandonment. We still have electric there and never once had a shut off notice. I showed up to the property on March 12, knowing nothing about a foreclosure, or abandonment and our property was sold on Jan 6 because of Safeguard saying the property was "abandoned", shortened our redemption period to 30 days. We missed the summons date and are now trying to somehow get the property back. I spent 85,000 cash building a new addition, we had 40,000 dollars worth of furnishings in the old home attached that they got into. I never once took any personal items out, just kept adding. I had an open building permit. These people winterized because the furnace wasnt working. We paid for gas in Nov and Feb again, and wondered if they tampered with it. They also scattered junk around the house, stole a fish filet knife I had, a pellet gun, broke a dish we got for a wedding and vandalized the bathroom. Had that inspector not considered it abandoned, we would have been fine and had plenty of time to work things out with the mortgage company. Now we may lose our retirement home on a lake, all because of some inspector's faulty (crooked) decisions. We have electric, taxes paid. They said " the meter wasnt working, and there was no furniture." What did they do, go up to the addition we had almost completed and just painted and say it was empty and claimed abandonment? You think I spent 5 years working on a home, and planning to move out there full time this year, why would we abandon it? I am just sick over this company. My wife and I did absolutely nothing wrong. This company needs to have a class action suit filed against them for this. Contact Matt at (616) 406-7881 and leave a message. Thanks.

Posted by VENDOR1 on 04/01/2010
We are a Safeguard Vendor. Love working with them. Been with them over a year, they rarely cut our invoices (as we submit them honestly and correctly). They always pay us on time. If we arrive at a property and there are personnals valued at over $500 we bid to remove and store them as the work order states. Safeguard then contacts the mortgage company to do a personnal property eviction/contact with previous mortgager...when that process is complete..remaining items are removed as debris. In our state people can live in there homes somtimes over 18 months without making there mortgage payments and recieve hundreds of notices from the mortgage company that the home is being foreclosed on. So those of you claiming that personnal property was stolen (at least in our state) had more than enough notice that this was happening and are out for revenge.... FYI your revenge does not affect Safeguard or the mortgage company...they go after us personnally. We do not hire subs...all work is completed by us personnally...Safeguard does not generate the work order to go complete work at a property...the mortagage company initiates the orders. Many of you are misinformed. Those contractors out there complaining about Safeguard....obviously were not conducting business appropriately....and could have done very well for yourselves if you had.

Posted by gemini45680 on 04/02/2010
Revenge? What good would it have done us to ignore notifications that we were being evicted? We had to remove 10 pick up truck loads of personal belongings, plus two antique cars. The court officer had orders to throw stuff out. Why was this Safeguard allowed to consider our property abandoned when I just installed a furnace last fall, and had the utilities paid, the taxes, insurance all up to date. Why was Safeguard allowed to break the locks and steal our belongings? Why was Safeguard allowed to say we didnt have electric going to the meter, when we never had a shut off notice, and still have electric? Why is Safeguard even allowed to be in business..It's listed on our mortgage that is not our primary residence. Why was some company allowed to go in, say our property was abandoned when we just built a 2000 sq ft addition. Deem it abandoned so the process is speeded up by the mortgage company in the middle of winter at someone's cottage? They did all of this behind our back. Dont get Met Life..It doesn't pay..They bought out our mortgage company and allowed this to happen. Bunch of dirty pool is what it was. Our lake home was worth more than the mortgage, and I think that's why it was targeted..Think of all the foreclosures out there for months and months..Yet my wife made payments through November, and Jan 6 our property was sold on the courthouse steps. We offered to redeem, and now they are dragging their feet on that to produce a quote. What's the next tactic? This was mortgage fraud as far as I'm concerned to not send anyone notices, then seize their cottage in the middle of winter, when they know the people dont reside there in the winter. They wouldnt reurn phone calls all through Dec, Jan,Feb..No wonder. They didnt want us knowing we were being foreclosed on. This sort of thing needs to have a bill in congress drawn up, that requires personal service of a certified mail by a mortgage lender when foreclosing on a second residence. I dont believe all of this happened by accident.

Posted by VENDOR1 on 04/03/2010
You obviously don't reside in a redemption does not happen that fast here EVER....safeguard only did what they were requested to do by your mortgage company so maybe your problem is actually with your motgage company and the laws in your state.....not safguard

Posted by emcort2009 on 04/09/2010
In August 2008 my house was broken into,by same company.Al my belongins along with years of business and personal tax info was taken,completely wiped out doors screwed in framing, lock boxes windows boarded, commodes taped, all utilities off, called policemade a report, it almost a full day just to get a codeso i could get in my house, when i did get in i could not beleive the damages not to mention all my belongings were gone,called the preservation company for 2 weeks but never received a call back i too was toldthe legal dept would call me back still to this day no responses, explanations,nothing and by the way,did i mention my house was paid for,there was never a mortgage taken out on it with the affiliated bank or any other bank,i would have appreciated a phone call back and info on how to get mr belogings back but instead i was totally dismissed and left to deal with purchasingnew furniture,appliances, tools,etc and worrying about all my personal info floating around somewhere for anyone to use.

Posted by contractor4safeg on 04/09/2010
I am a contractor for Safeguard and I just looked up and read on complaints.. WOW, I am sick and I do feel the pain from most people on here and I can say that the ignorant comments on here are most likley from the contractors you are having issues with and that We go into these homes after for safeguard. I see first hand the bull and something has to be done about it. Safeguard needs to get rid of its # 1 or #2 contractors in certain zones and go with lots of little guy's that are afraid to leave a dirty foot print on a dilapidated home. They need to think... Just because they make them a lot of money doesnt mean Safeguards name isnt getting dirty. I can say with us.. It's not about the $ We make from them, its the name I make for my business after these homes are sold. Reply to

Posted by lwoodsum72 on 04/12/2010
People, people, people. Look, obviously there are a lot of posts to this original story so I didn't have time to read all of the replies. Therefore I am sorry if I have missed anyone's comment that happens to be "in-the-know" like me.

I work in this industry. It's called the "Property Preservation Industry." Essentially it involves drive by occupancy inspections, some are "make contact" inspections, some are letter deliveries from banks/lenders.

It's never an actual officer of the bank or lending institution that snaps the photos of your house, verifies occupancy or hand delivers the letters to the mortgagor. These services are subcontracted out and are usually subcontracted out again and sometimes subcontracted yet again such as the case is with me.

I'm the 4th guy in line that gets the lists of addresses to find, go to them, verify if vacant or occupied knock on door first, check power supply, then ask neighbors. Next we document any and all damages and overall property condition. The pics are necessary to prove to the lender that we came to the right place and to document any "adverse" conditions (damage or disrepair) that might affect the value of the home in the event of a re-sale.

Now, in line with this original story, once it has been determined that a property is VACANT (i.e. power is off) steps are taken to begin the process of reclaiming the asset for the bank/lender. Usually this involves what is commonly referred to in the industry as a "Trashout."

(For the record, I, personally, have NEVER reported a property as "vacant" FOR SURE unless the power is off. Even if the power IS off but there's a lot of furniture and OTHER personal things still in the home, I always mark it as "vacant with caution" due to the possibility that it may be a vacation home, a seasonal home or they just may be away on an extended vacation.)

By the way, you'd be surprised what people leave behind when they abandon their homes. In fact, in my "nice" lil' neighborhood in quiet, unassuming Concord, NH the house behind me was occupied by a "nice" young couple with kids. Then one day they just up and left everything behind ... including their perfectly healthy pet dogs!!! No joke! Imagine the surprise on the face of the trashout crew that came to change the locks that day.

But back to Trashouts...

Before a home that has been determined as vacant is ... well ... cleaned out, there is a process. Now, I can't speak collectively for ALL preservation companies or the companies they all get their assignments from, however, the main part of that process involves a lock change and a predetermined time period for the owner of record AFTER the lock change to contact the "Trashout company" (the one scheduled to remove any and all debris from this house) ... (the contact info is usually prominently displayed on a paper taped to a window near the front door from the inside of the house so the weather doesn't play a role in the condition of the paper or the info it contains.)

Once this predetermined time has passed without contact from the homeowner the lender sends out the FINAL work order for the trashout, winterization, and regularly scheduled maintenance (grass cuts in summer and plowing and snow removal in winter) to begin.

Once the roll off dumpster arrives it can take a good crew of about 3 guys less than a half a day (3-4 hours) to totally empty an average house. Whatever is not taken home by the crew themselves, sold to someone else or given to charity is thrown away in the dumpster.

Harsh and/or shocking as this may sound regardless if you're in "talks" with the lenders or not if you don't respond to what's going on back at your house thereby signifying you have INDEED abandoned the house you HAVE to understand that this is still technically THEIR (the lender) property/asset which they will do everything to protect in order to preserve its value the best they can and they have EVERY RIGHT to do what's necessary to secure that property.

A perfect example of why this is sooo important to a lender to secure these properties is this... If you have a pool in an abandoned house and a child comes and falls into and drowns in that pool if the house is an abandoned house and the mortgage is still held by the lender I'll give you one guess who's pockets will be affected by the loss of that child ... not to mention the suffering the parents of that child have to go through.

In fact, just this past summer I was working for a vendor and another of his field reps (that's what the inspectors are called) went to check on a home which turned out to be a vacant home, she neglected to mention the unsecured pool, submitted her work at the end of that day and continued life as usual.

Well, later that week a kid from that neighborhood found that pool, fell in, and drowned. I never found out what happened to that inspector but because of her "inaccurate" reporting I suppose the lender probably passed some of the bucks blame onto her.

How would you feel if this was a home YOU abandoned? Would you even feel an ounce of guilt if you found out that because you left the house without draining your pool and/or telling the lender you've left you ultimately caused a child's life to end??

So, NEVER ... I repeat ... NEVER EVER ignore the lenders phone calls because these will be the results if you do and you're not home to respond to these situations. So, if you're having troubles with late or no payments, don't procrastinate (especially if you're under the impression that the lender WILL come and evict you soon.)

Instead, take your belongings to a storage unit or other place so this will not happen to you if you're not going to be at the home in question for a while. Lenders are losing money hand over fist and the "foreclosure departments" are waaaaay behind on work. So, once your property makes it to the top of the pile things happen swiftly so don't blink or your personal belongings will be gone.

Often, people abandon a home taking with them only what they can pack in a car or truck and the very clothes on their back. So, we in the industry don't even blink when we see what was left behind. In other words, just because the home has the "appearance" that it's still occupied doesn't mean it is so we just come through the door, take what we like, and start hauling stuff in the dumpsters.

We, in the field, don't get paid until we complete the job. Often we are not given any more than 2 days to completely empty and winterize a home. So, in reality, there was no "theft" of any kind. There was no B and E.

Though large mistakes in this industry HAVE been made like trashing out the wrong house, these are few and far between. I am willing to bet that the originator of this story left out some vital factors that led to the ultimate trashout of his home. On the same token, not all preservation companies follow the common sense rule of posting their contact info for a certain period of time giving the homeowner ample time to respond and stop them from trashing their stuff.

Here's the bottom line...

None of this stuff will happen to you if your power is always on, your grass is always mowed and your driveway is always plowed. And also, ALWAYS ... keep ... in contact ... with ... your ... LENDERRRRR and let them know what's going on!!! Stop playing the part of "victim" and take responsibility for your OWN action or inaction as it may be.


Posted by llymiller on 04/12/2010
TO: lwoodsum72
Just curious, do you work or subcontract with Safeguard Properties?

Posted by llymiller on 04/12/2010
TO: lwoodsum72
You said that you did not read all of the comments, but I am wondering if you read this:
Posted by sammys_porch2002 on 02/02/2010
I live as a tenant in a house that was sold at auction in June 2009. I was not informed of the foreclosure. However, the landlord was a friend. I had paid her a year of rent because she had told me she was behind on mortgage payments on 2 rental houses. Silly me trusted this woman that had been my friend for years.

I had no idea that the house had been foreclosed on until my neighbor across the street told me in later Dec. that someone had tried to enter the house. He told them it was occupied. Then my next door neighbor faced them 3 times between Dec 28th and Jan 8, 2009. She told them it was occupied and didn't they notice that great big Golden Ret. barking at them. After that I left a note on the front door stating it was occupied, with my name signed on the papar.

This past Wednesday I came home to find a lock box on the back door, water off, $20,000 of possessions gone. They even threw all my meds from my accident in the trash.But the killer - my 8 year old Golden had been removed and sent to the Cleveland city animal pound. Thank God the police office I got called the emergency number and told the pound have my dog ready for pick up the next morning.

That same day in the mail I got the court papers for the eviction process. Funny thing is, the paper included as evidence, they had written on the paper "Certainly occupied. Also has BIG DOG"

I'm determined! Safeguard Properties will get buried by this. The Cleveland Housing Court is already not real pleased by the foreclosure effect on tenants. I'm more than willing to start a class action. Include every bank that has hired them and every contractor they've hired, and those banks and contractors may just walk away from the company. They may even be willing to testify against the company to be released from the case.
I'm also willing to contact every government Senator, and Congress person, along with every possible news agency.

You're welcome to contact me at

Posted by llymiller on 04/12/2010
or did you read this follow-up comment?
Just wondering what your thoughts are in tenant situations?

Posted by llymiller on 04/12/2010
follow up comment:

Submitted by sammysporch on February 3, 2010 - 12:06pm.
I'm the woman in the above story. Thank you for posting it.

Now that I know I'm not the only one this is happening to I refuse to back down from this company and the banks that hire them. I will use every rotten thing they did to fight them.

My next step is contacting Carl Monday. I think with my medical history he might be interested. The story of my accident is on MetroHealth Wall of Hope, so it is easily seen by him. When they trashed my meds, they made my sacral injuries worse. I'm now back to using my walker, since I don't have my meds. As it worsens I may need my wheelchair. Problem is that's one of the things they stole. That's not going to look good for them in court or the news media.

Posted by llymiller on 04/19/2010
Good news for victims of illegal evictions/trashouts from Safeguard Properties and other mortgage service providers.
Legal Help for Wrongful Foreclosure and Seizure in Any State. Phillips

Posted by llymiller on 04/19/2010
Contact Phillips

Posted by llymiller on 04/19/2010
(877) 892-5620.

Posted by jefferyvandorn on 04/20/2010
dont sue safeguard. send complaints to the attorneys general consumer protection division all the states where safeguard does business. tell the attorneys general to read the blogs on the internet to begin their investigations.. the AG's can stop safeguard from doing business in their states. or the AG's can force safe giuard to cease and desist from illegal and unfair business practices. the AG's can force Safeguard to sign a consent decree in order to continue doing business in their states.

Posted by mucwrstlr174 on 04/22/2010
Look folks. The sad truth is these are all hearsay-everyone has a sad story and just like real life, you dont know which ones are true and who just wants money.What do you think the government is going to say when you come to them asking for money from safegaurd properties and you couldnt (for whatever circumstance) pay your bills. I work as a sub contractor for safegaurd and in no way am I rich. I just got a good steady job to take care of my own-which im sure most of you had or still have to some extent. I dont go into homes looking to steal things. I go in looking to do my job and i assure everyone readin this---- it never says anything like "steal their personals" on the work orders. There are crooked peple everywhere--banks, thugs, dealers, etc., etc--and it doesnt make ur cases any less tragic, but to sue a company and try to put thousands of hard working americans out of a job just for spite---well thats just wrong. And contractors do make mistakes, dont get me wrong...Things that can be personal memories for one can be garbage to the next, you have to understand that in probably 89% of these cases, the removal of personals is very accidental. Im not calling you liars and im definately not saying you dont deserve some type of retrobution, but trust me on this last sentence or two. WE ARE NOT OUT TO GET YOU. thats what the banks are for, and they do the same stuff to us. I hope everyone here finds what they are looking for in life. Stop being lazy if you can help it and get out there and do something. A man with no legs can find a way to walk if he sets his mind to it.

Posted by abelquist05 on 04/27/2010
I was a contractor for Safeguard. I dont know how many times I went to a property and it looked like the people was jsut out to teh store. It is not always the contractors beign shady and takign your belongings there are some good ones out there. I would look into the brokers banks and safeguard. If we went to a property that looked like someone lived in it or had alot of personal belongings we would contact safdeguard adn let them know and the broker who had the property. They would contact the bank and get back to use and tell us 9 times out of 10 that it was vacant get rid of the stuff. It was not required and cost me money as a contractor but we rented a storage warehouse and my crews woudl take anythign of value or that looked personal thatI would want if I was them adn boxed it up and put it in the storage accordingly by property. I also left my contact info on teh stickers safeguard provides you when you secure a property so the owner could coontact me about there belongings. I would say 80 percent of those types of homes the owners contacted me and was greatful that I had kept there belongings for them and returned them. It is the bank adn brokers tellign the contracotrs and safeguard to clean them out. If you ask the contractors that did your home who the broker was youc an get to teh root of the problem. Safeguard is a rip off and will not pay contractors and if you fight them to get your money they will punish you. Beware of this company and the banks dealign wiht them. If you know you are having problems with your payments i suggest a security system that will alert the police when contractors get in and let you local law enforcement know that you are scared of safeguard robbign you and have your neighbors watchign to call the polcie if they see them there I have had the police come to several jobs and would not let my crews continue work until they was notified by the owner. I am sorry for all this has happened to and I am sorry for all the people having it rough in this economy and hope you get some kind of retribution for what has happened to you.

Posted by laurapaas on 04/28/2010
This is in response to mucwrstlr174. You should probably know what hearsay means before you apply that label. I'm sure it doesn't say "steal their personal belongings" on your work order, but are you saying that since this is all hearsay and we're just trying to get money? Seriously? Our situation was a tenant situation, and as tenants, we're not in the loop as to what is going on with the property owners mortgage problems until well into the process. And when there is a sign hanging that says this property is occupied, and Safeguard and or their contractors come into the property it is illegal. Stop being lazy? Rent was being paid, no one in this situation brought this on, no one was out of work, the only thing they were guilty of is living there. And now, out 22K worth of equipment that is prohibiting him from being ABLE to work now. This wasn't even a trash out, it was THEFT! The minute they broke into the garage it should have been apparent that it was occupied, who leaves behind a Harley? Why is there a sign hanging in plain view in the mud room that says the property is occupied, and the contractors walk right by it and steal everything they can get their hands on? You and those like you may not out to get ME, but you certainly are out to get what ever you can. And we will be out there doing something, whatever we have to do to get Safeguard, and it's contractors held liable for the thievery, and pilfering of other peoples belongings.

Posted by llymiller on 04/29/2010
(877) 892-5620.

Nationwide legal assistance regarding illegal trashouts.

Posted by la_bas_ai on 05/02/2010
Safeguard properties winterized my house and they had the wrong address!

Posted by downsouthbiker on 05/11/2010
i have been in this biss for 8 plus years, seen alot of things happen, i can tell you this, sometime the paper shuffle is not so good in the forclosed side and we have made a few mistakes, however we also have to deal with alot of people who lie about stuff being stolen, also realtors who steel it and blame the contractors, and usually we the contractors have to pay the penalties, bad name, real money, no work etc....
it is not all the contractors who are dishonest, i personally busted a realtor stealling a wine cooler out of a house, ive also busted home owners lying about 10,000 dollar rings getting stolen be my helpers, and i can assure you there is more honest contractors then thieves if the people would quit be so cheap and hiring thugs to do our jobs for chump change, alot of this would stop

Posted by richie on 06/03/2010
10 years we have been in the REO P

Posted by artattack54 on 06/06/2010
I've been a victim of theft via BAC Field Services (BofA). My home has been broken into not once, but three times by the property management people. They pilfered through my belongs, opened a coke, had took booze out of my home. When I discovered the jewelry they stole, that did it. I have filed a police report and I will be pursuing action against BAC Field Services and Bank of America. ONE of them is going to be reimbursing me for the theft on my home. Oh, and while they were at it, they took every scrap of metal they could their hands on, down to cutting the metal end off of my garden hose. Common thugs and pond scum. Just a last parting shot for Coachwhite - go screw yourself. You say even in this bad economy, you pay your bills and so should the rest of us. Let me tell you something, I'd rather be a beggar on the street than to earn MY paycheck stealing from others. You're the same guy who would kick a dog when it's down. Some day, big boy, it will be your turn. Some day.

Posted by mucwrstlr174 on 06/10/2010
Laurapaas---you take things wayyy to personal. It was a general observation of what people were saying. Its fine if you want to waste your time being mad at others, I probably would be to in your situation. Bottom line is there are ALOT of good people who work for and with Safeguard. Okay lets go this route---so if no one comes and locks up a newly vacated house next to yours---and thugs come in and burn it down and your house catches on fire and goes up in flames too----well you might be singing a different tune on here... Yea, the sign thing kind of made me laugh because I can definately see your point, along with the Harley. But in a little defense of that--have you ever thought about someone (who obviously doesnt know how banks work)---keeps there car or 4 wheelers or motorcylcles (bc I have seen this), locked in the garage so that when the repo men come, they cant find what theyre looking for. There are so many sides to a story and your obviously stuck on yours. Like i said before, Im not hear to bash any of you, just wish youde go after what your owed and not someone elses job.

Posted by laurapaas on 06/10/2010
In response to mucwrstlr174... Excuse me? Too personally? We're out 22K in building and construction equipment, and I'm taking things wayyyy too personally? And the analogy that you used for the house next door was that it was vacant, this house wasn't VACANT, they came in and took little things, then we hung the sign advising that the house was OCCUPIED and they proceeded to clean us out and change the locks! As for banks, I know how they work and I worked in the repo department for FirstMerit for several years, but the fact that the bike was there as well as the sign that said that we still lived there means that someone was misbehaving. We're in the fight with SG and it's agents for the long haul, and if someone loses their job because they're a THIEF, so be it. Neither of us were out of work, we didn't fall behind on our mortgage payments, we didn't cause any of this, and we're the ones paying the biggest price.

Posted by jlennon80 on 06/23/2010
Hey everybody pay your mortgage and it won't happen. When you buy a home and sign your mortgage agreement you agree that if you are delinquent on the loan and the property is vacant the bank has every right to protect their investment.

....and personal property is NOT removed until the foreclosure sale, that means YOU do not own teh house anymore. Do your research before you buy a house so you know what you are getting into.

Posted by jlennon80 on 06/23/2010
wow!check this i went home today to my new house that i closed on monday its now friday got there and all my locks changed all my stuff gone! wtf? safeguard?? came over?? no water?? house now has lots of dings scratchs on hardwood floors = LAWSUIT! this was my new house and safeguard broke in and stole everything then locked me out my new house that ive owned for 5 days.


go ahead and try to sue, seee what luck you have. The previous investor still had a lien onthe house, blame the person you bought the house from for not paying off their mortgage with the money you gave them for the house

Posted by tgriffin49 on 08/27/2010
They came into my home and left ashes all over the place. Burned a whole in my carpet, and defected in my toilets with no runing water in the house. Now that I have pulled my home out of foreclosure I had to clean up their mess. Oh and they took my light fixtures!..Watch out Florida, these people are a mess and when you call to report them you get a "Well will make a note of it!" Well note this, don't bring your ass back into MY home anymore!!

Posted by njazgirl on 09/14/2010
Safeguard hired a local contractor for a lock-out - they went to the wrong address, MINE! I am NOT in foreclosure, never been late or missed a payment. The contractor went to the wrong street name, broke in through sliding glass door, changed door knob and lock, and left the lockbox OPEN with the new keys. In the process of starting litigation. The degree to which I feel violated in indescribable.

Posted by laroberts71 on 09/28/2010
I have been hearing of this occuring in Missouri too. A friend of mine recently had safeguard enter her home which was the wrong address that their job was at. Any way they cleaned out her house changed locks. stole new z turn mower, furniture and the whole ball of wax. They are now being sued in missouri for this as well.
I own a preservation company and I will tell you that under no NO circumstances are personal belongings to be removed or touched until there is a sale date and the mortgage co sends the order for the final removal of personal belonging. I hate to hear about this occuring because unfort. one bad company is putting a bad mark on the rest of us who are honest, hardworking and dependable.
I wish that safeguard would seize to exist or be fined so severely that they will do their job correctly. I get to re complete alot of the work they did not do correctly. They charge up the bottom and then steal from families and rob the companies by charging them outragous amounts. They need to be stopped soon!!

Posted by jkonquer34 on 01/20/2011
So a year has been passed, is there anything happening as far as safeguard goes?

Posted by bob on 03/17/2011
maybe you should read the paper work when you sign loan. The bank, and safeguard, has every right to secure a property once payment on the loan becomes delinquent and the property is determined to be vacant. You signed the paper work, and no lawyer can change that. A law suit will never hold up. It's a wonder why the company has been in business since 1992. If it was illegally seizing properties, it would have been shut down a decade ago. Moral of this post, when you can't afford to make a mortgage payment, try calling the bank to workout a payment plan before its too late.

Posted by samaad_da1 on 03/17/2011
I'm also a victim in this scandal. My modification was in the process with Litton mortgage company

Posted by samaad_da1 on 03/17/2011
I'm also a victim in this scandal. My modification was in the process with Litton mortgage company

Posted by graytobias on 03/26/2011
Imagine trying to subcontract work you get from safeguard which would be plus or minus 10 bucks a grass cut and around the same for lock changes. That's what the scammers at Assured Asset Preservation, or Sole Stones Services pays. They claim you'll make money in the volume of work, but it's all smoke and mirrors. Many claim to have not been paid at all.

Posted by Landry01al on 03/30/2011
If your not legally responsible to the mortgage company but your ex-spouse is and doesn't pay they still don't have the right to steal the other spouse's property should it be on the premises at the time of the so-called changing of the locks, winterizing, etc. They can be prosecuted for someone else's property being taken without their consent. While it's true that the holder of the mortgage payment should make their payments in a timely fashion to prevent the involvement of a home inspection from happening doesn't mean that it is the entire story. There may be divorce judgements in place and the rights of others and their property to take into consideration. Shame on anyone who steals someone elses property. I personally, will waste no time in filing a lawsuit for items stolen that belong to myself and are taken without written notice personally and mailed to me directly. Without notification, I believe some may have legal basis for a lawsuit.

Posted by timslandscapinganddesign on 05/11/2011

Posted by jeccak03 on 11/21/2011
safeguard contracts the jobs out to contractors. There are often times multiple contractors who are hired to enter your home to perform different services. If an item is taken, you must sue Safeguard and they will produce the contractor. Even if you leave your belongings in the house and they are moved, they must be stored. you will then need to pay the storage fees to regain your belongings. to protect yourself, i would recommend taking pictures or at least making notes of anything of value that is left in the home. (i.e. 32 inch plasma tv, Sony Bravia, serial number) You will have a better chance at winning. As disorganized as Safeguard is in handling your problem, they are just as disorganized with contractors.

Posted by mekdog on 12/21/2011
This company is a joke. There are two houses in my neighborhood that have went through this. I was in my garage when they started taking things from my neighbors house. One blatantly put a long copper electrical component in the back of his hatchback right in front of me!!! Not in the truck or dumpster but in his own car. I guess those are the fringe benefits of working for a company that hires thieves!

Posted by mekdog on 12/21/2011
Oh and Timslandscapinganddesign, my neighbor was a vietnam war veteran who lost his home because of medical bills from agent orange. Do you think he deserves to have his stuff stolen? You are a complete moron.

Posted by upltv on 02/17/2012
This company put our company out of business by backcharging us $12K for a roof that was done over a year ago. Now they are taking our money for this backcharge and no one from the organization will speak with us. I have had to lay off the person we employed and I don't know how much longer we will be in business because of Safeguard. The right thing to have done would have been to contact our insurance carrier and file a claim if there was a problem with this roof, not take our money. Horrible, horrible organization. They owe our company approximately $28K.

Posted by justineitniear on 03/09/2012
we just started cleaning out foreclosed homes in mi for fannie mae and safeguard. sorry to hear about losing your personals my wife and i do things by the book but unfortunatley there are those few that just take what they want. in our paperwork it states if personals are over 500.00 in value we are to put those items in storage storage paid for by safeguard. we actually have a crew that does pressure testing and trashout i have caught them on my trashouts taking any metal they can find "lowlife" i invested $7000.00 to do this as a business to support my family and i would just like you to know that some of us do things the way they should be done if i come into a home that is still set up as a home i do not even enter it if things are thrown all about and it is in disarray then im quite sure it is vacant. we lost our home and i suppose the only advice i can give is when the sheriff posts the date on your door start moving your things out if you know 150% that you cannot change your situation. i noticed people taking pics 3 months before the sheriff sale date on the home youve lost enough losing your home and it sucks but dont push the banks they will win everytime they have the money and the means to make you give up.

Posted by am51560 on 05/01/2012
Safeguard is horrible they discriminated against me as a female owned company

Posted by jdunnick83 on 05/14/2012

Posted by denny6103 on 06/09/2012
With all the people that have had there personal property stolen by these trash out crews and deputized court officer including myself. How stupid are they to build an army of people against them with nothing to lose.

Posted by tlongreal on 06/11/2012
I work for safeguard and they try to hire good employees and working in the field industry is very hard. People need to pay their mortgages and this would not happen. Banks have the right to take care of their assetts.

Posted by dkilometers on 06/22/2012
To all of those complaining about Safeguard policies: The policies that Safeguard Properties follow are not created by them. They are created by the mortgagee (the bank), the insurer of the mortgage (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac) or if you got an FHA loan, the Department of Housing and Urban Development or a combination of the bank and the insurer. As a result, if you have a problem with Safeguards policies, then you should contact whoever has guaranteed your loan. If your property was stolen after the foreclosure sale date, it was not stolen. Your property was either stored or trashed because it didn't reach the value stipulated by the risk-holder of the mortgage. If you did have property stolen, you should have removed it before you no longer owned the home (if you are not in an "eviction state" that requires an eviction proceeding before removing any property that is not a health or infestation risk). For those who have had their house burglarized whether by a contractor or a third party, it serves you right. It is not SG's responsibility to babysit your property. If you are ignorant or stupid enough to leave your property that will be foreclosed, its your own fault. If you were a renter never received notice and had these issues, blame your landlord for being a scuzzbag.

Posted by whatthe on 09/29/2012
Anyone who has had their stuff stolen by Safeguard (or any other preservation company), get an attorney who specializes in this.

In Florida some of them are getting out of court settlements, for their clients.

The contractor ususally ends up screwed with their insurance company, because they have to add Safeguard on to the policy. The claims are quite often paid from those policies.

Posted by zambratia on 12/05/2012
5 days ago I closed on the rental property. Today I found safeguard sticker on my door saying if I dont call them to prove house is occupied they will change the keys and "secure the house".
WTF!!!??? When I called and told this rude, nasty person named Barbara at 1-877-340-8482 that I am the new owner she said its not true because she doesnt see the mortgage on it!?
How about I paid cash bitch?! I hung up and I will wait for them to try to brake and I will shut that mofo, I promise.

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