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Rushcard ruins Christmas - Prepaid credit card

- Aliquippa, PA

Hello I writing to tell about how Rushcard Member services prepaid credit card ruined my Christmas. To start I have used this service for about 2 yrs and rarely had issues, but now at Christmas I start new job set up my direct deposit with the info provided by Rushcard no problem I thought. Well I was wrong my job released the funds on 12/23/10 and here it is 12/27/10 I have yet to receive my money I have been given 4 different timeframes and told that coporate has to handle it
Yet the customer service sucks and no one speaks good English nor are they located in the states I had to personally find out the problem because no one would take the time to research for me and found a discrepancy in the routing number so now they keep telling my money was not on my card for that reason although it was sent to correct bank institution. Ok now after calling for 3 business day they are still not sure when my money will be released after ruining my Christmas because was unable to get gas, buy gifts, or pay bills that are due. I just want my money and now compensation. I have no one else I can call for help with this. I have spoken with card issuer and bank that has to release funds all I keep hearing is something about a corporate office again with no results. New Years will be here in 4 days and I may still be without my paycheck.

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Reader Comments:

Posted by kyla.buckley on 12/28/2010
I apologize for the confusion and frustration you are experiencing, especially during this holiday season. Please email us at, this is a corporate address and we will help resolve this issue with your direct deposit. Please include your full name and address that is registered with the card so we can access the correct account and resolve this as quickly as possible.
RushCard Representative

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