Krogers & Ralph's Grocery Stores Complaint

Ralph's CHEATS Shoppers Out Of Rewards Promised! - Ralph's Pet Club Card Rewards Program

- Whittier, California

Ralph's Grocery is cheating Consumers out of thousands of dollars earned as cash rebates in their Ralph's Club Card Rewards Program. If you are a Member of the Ralph's Club Card Program, Ralph's Pet Club Card Program or the Ralph's Wine Club Card Program LISTEN UP! You may have HUNDREDS of dollars in earned cash rebates that remain unredeemed in your Club Card Savings account. Ralph's Grocery Store located in Whittier, California has been cheating it's Customers out of rebates earned by assigning FALSE EXPIRATION DATES on reward certificates issued. Shopper's who use their Ralph's Club Card or provide their home phone number - earn $9.00 in cash rebates when they purchase $100.00 in Pet Products at Ralphs Grocery Stores. A "certifate" sometimes called a "Coupon" or "Gift Reward" is issued at the bottom of your receipt on the day your purchases reach the limit to qualify. The Shopper is misslead by Ralph's when they say that you must bring this receipt to your next shopping trip in order to redeem your reward earned. They further misslead when they attempt to assign a "fake" expiration date on it that varies in time allowed from store to store in the Southern California area. Many Shopper's find that they are unable to redeem the reward in time to collect it, so they throw it away. Many times the reward certificate fails to print at all, and no one notices! So how do you collect your money if this happens to you? If you did your part and bought $100.00 in products and Ralph's agreed to give you a gift of $9.00 as a "contract", why should you be denied your REWARD by loosing a piece of paper? Here's the truth of the story; you DON'T! Pet Club Card Rewards earned DO NOT EXPIRE in the cash register system at Ralph's Grocery stores. Each reward issued is assigned a number that is either scanned (by presenting a paper certificate) or manually entered (by the Clerk at the Cash register)in order for redemption. Each time a Shopper earns a reward the record is stored under their Ralph's Club Card account. You can access these records by scanning your Ralph's Club Card OR by providing the phone number linked to your account. The Clerk or Manager can check any Shoppers account to see how many rebates they have earned that remain unredeemed at anytime! Electronic transactions recorded are the same as a "signature" under California law, which means you do not have to present a signed voucher in order to prove a contract was made between the Shopper & Ralph's. California gift card laws state that if you have less then $10.00 left you can request a cash refund and there is no expiration date allowed. So what is it exactly that you get from Ralph's as a Pet Club or Wine Club Card Member? Is it a coupon? Is it a Gift Card? Is it a CERTIFICATE? Ralph's Retail Manager Employee's have been allowing Customers who complain to have all rewards earned under their accounts. All you have to do is ASK! I watched SEVERAL Shoppers receive $200 to $300 off their grocery purchase due to rebates that continued to grow and were recorded under their Club Card. I tried it myself and found that I had FIVE that were never redeemed. The Club Card program has gone on for over five years now. How much money have you spent on pet products in a Ralph's store during that time frame? At $9.00 per $100.00 spent, how much does Ralph's owe you as a loyal Shopper? Here's the kicker! Ralph's does not WANT YOU to have your earned rebates. In attempt to stop Shoppers from receiving their money, Ralph's began FIRING selective Employee's for providing them in November of 2007 through February of 2008. There are SEVERAL grievances filed with the Retail Clerks Union that are scheduled for arbitration hearings currently. There are many that were already heard from February, March & April and Employee's have not been given a verdict even though the collective bargaiing agreement gives a 30 day limit. No one seems to care that these Employee's were fired for REFUSING TO RIP OFF Shoppers! How can Ralph's get away with firing Employee's for abiding by the LAW? I have three of these Employee's involved who are willing and ready to talk to reporters and provide proof that all of the above is REAL AND TRUE. Someone needs to stick up for the Consumer who rights are being denied here under this scam and put in a word for the Employee's who tried to do it alone and obviously failed.

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Reader Comments:

Posted by abelt1 on 09/02/2008
this happened to me all of the time at the Ralph's Grocery in San Marcos, California. In the beginning I was always told I had the credits for either pet food and wince club. Then it got to be I was unaware of it until I studied my receipt. Then if I tried to claim it without the coupon, I was told I could not do that and had to relinquish my credits. I am now having trouble with their new rewards program. I did not receive $40.00 in credits that I had earned on the program. I calle to hotline and they said it would be credited to my card and would be available the next time I shopped. It did not happen. I called again and was told that someone else used by card and got the money. I was told that David Belt, my husband used the card on a certain date. I pointed out on that date my husband was in the hopsital, two days post-op from major surgery. They said they could do nothing about that as their records showed he received the $40.00. I am tired of fighting them and will not go back to Ralphs again.
Arlene Belt

Posted by info.sasnet on 03/22/2009
My letter to Krogers:

Sunday, March 15, 2009

1014 Vine Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202

To Whom It May Concern,

I have been a customer of Ralphs for many many years and mostly shop at the Sunset Blvd. store in Hollywood, California.

I am writing to voice my strong complaint about the change in your Rewards card. My account was under my old phone #: xxx-xxx-xxxx.

A few months before the change, during checkout I asked the cashier if there was a way to update my account to my new phone number. She said yes and handed me a Ralphs Rewards card form but that I should NOT use it because I'd lose all my points so it was best that I stay with my old phone number. Yes, I was told this.

Several months later I purchased some wine and having never used any of my many points from years gone by and had no idea how to redeem them, I asked the cashier if my points could be used toward the purchase of the wine I was about to purchase.

That's when I learned that there was a new program and my past points had expired. I was shocked and found a manager who told me the same thing and that there was no recourse and my points were gone. He also told me that they had promoted the change by having a table with signup cards on one of the entrances for a month before the expiration.

Obviously there are a number of problems here. First is that having a table for just one month is a passive form of outreach and depends upon the customer finding or noticing the table.

There are 3 entrances to this store. A front right entrance, a front left entrance and the elevator from the roof parking lot. If you use the left or elevator entrances you couldn't possibly see or know the table on the other side existed. Even if you use the right entrance where the table allegedly was, how many customers are preoccupied with other things like finding a cart or finishing a cell call or looking at their shopping list or just people watching as your Hollywood store is full of unusual characters, etc. Or if you are a long time customer, with shopping on your mind, what if you just weren't paying attention. Do you realize how many tables of all kinds of things await us as we enter your store? Are we responsible to stop at each one to find see if there is a new store policy. This single table, it's location, short time and assumption it would be seen or paid attention to is absurd.

My address hasn't changed in years. Why wasn't a mailer sent advising us of the change?

Why didn't the cashier tell me about the expiration when she handed me the card several months earlier? Why? Because she obviously wasn't trained in the matter and gave me false information.

Why didn't your corporate offices make it mandatory that every cashier mention the expiration to every customer and make the information an active promotion rather than a single passive table in a store with 3 entrances and lots going on and for just one month?

Why? I would venture a guess that Kroger was all too happy to have people's accounts expire without cashing them in. How much money did you save by customers like myself miss out on cashing in? Lots I'm sure.

I can't prove this of course, but whoever is reading this knows what really happened and the motivation behind keeping the expiration a virtual secret except for a single table for just one month.

What if someone didn't shop at a Ralphs that month? What about those that were out of town? One month after decades of being a loyal customer is a MAJOR insult and a major rip off. Is this the REWARD I get for being a loyal customer? I see it as a form of theft and you owe me. I spent thousands of dollars on food and alcohol over the years.

I am demanding a substantial accommodation to cover the loss that I have experienced because of Kroger/Ralphs not properly and substantially promoting and advertising that the old program was expiring.

I am now Googling you on the internet and see that I am not alone.

Shame on you, Krogers!

Name Withheld

Posted by wmv555 on 07/27/2009
What happened with these employees? It has been over a year now. I have been trying to locate this class action suit and can not find info on it. I would love to be able to get in contact with the author of this complaint. I have info. that might be valuable.

Posted by candacedomingnani on 01/06/2010
I earned at least $9.00 in Ralphs Rewards but never received them even though they kept telling me "next month "next month". I think it

Posted by candacedomingnani on 01/06/2010
We should all file a class action lawsuit for False Advertising. Shame on Ron Berkel(the CEO of Ralphs) who lives in his big Beverly Hills estate and kicks the little guy.

Posted by msc13 on 02/27/2010
I too have been ripped off for my "rewards" of $40.00. They never sent it, after numirious phone calls to their "customer relations" I was told they would take it off my next purchase. Never happened.On one occasion a fat checker made repeated snide comments to the bagger because I requested paper bags. They never send rebate checks even after numerous phone calls. Today I saw in their ad 4 boxes of Kellogg's cereal "17.6 Oz to 25.5 OZ for $10.00" I shopped for various items and after waiting in line for 10 minutes finally paying and getting my receipt, I noticed I was charged $16.74 instead of $10 for 4 boxes of cereal. I returned to the same checker (whose name tag proclaimed her as a manager) and showed her the ad and pointed out the mistake. She first loudly denied the mistake, then after I showed her again where the ad specifically said "25.5 OZs" she yelled that I had the wrong size, at which time her current customer called me "A rude son of a bitch" drawing the attention of the entire store! Finally the manager "Gary" showed up, I showed him the ad and waited for him to walk to the cereal aisle (for what reason I don't know?) Upon returning he refused to honor the printed ad and tried to talk me into accepting smaller boxes even though he acknowledged the ad saying 25.5 OZs. At this point I demanded a refund and left. They will NEVER see me in that or any other Ralphs store again.

Posted by don.averitt on 03/22/2010
Tom Thumb in Dallas was the best grocery store ever. Not the cheapest but the best in quality and fair prices. Now since Safeway bought them they put up prices as specials and when you check out they charge the usual price with is much more than the sign says. Why do companies spend a fortune on buying companies and then start gouging their customers?

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