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Rite-Aid False Pharmacy Ad of caring for people

- 3221 Bayshore Rd North Cape May NJ

I am still a bit shaky this am from the horrible consumer service I received at Rite Aid Pharmacy.

From about 7:05 pm or 7:15 pm when I arrived at Rite- Aid last night to pick up my prescriptions the problems lasted to 8:40 pm when I left with a inappropriate partial refill which I did not realize it was a improper partial dosage until I got home.

I only stayed & felt I could not leave until there responsibility of filling the prescriptions would be fulfilled
Otherwise it would leave me literally stuck for heart med , diabetic med & 2 other meds that were not as critical as the 1st 2 mentioned. The 4 meds are daily maintenance for my body at age 69.

Note I said problems, not one but several took place with two people one the pharmacist, the other person who puts the orders in the computer.

Example of experienced problems

Dropped off the new prescription forms from my Dr. about 12 noon but before 12:45pm. I asked the girl to check on the prescription pills & see if they had them in stock (since they are for a 90 day supply at one time). She read the drugs off the prescription form & said yes they have them in stock.

I said good what would be a good time to come back & pick them up I said I was not in a hurry. She said after 4pm or give them till 5 o’clock. I said that’s good.

I went to the pharmacy at 7pm. Was informed there was no prescription for me to be found . It was not in there computer nor were the original prescriptions I had dropped off to be found.

After time going by & telling them what time I had come in & what the name of the prescriptions medications were,—well after the 3rd time of being asked the exact same question by the exact same person , I lost it & told the pharmacist I had told him I had answered his same question now 3 times & that was the last time I would repeat myself.
They were somewhere in his department & if they could not find them, call the girl who took my prescription in & see where she could have put them.

This created anger on his part, I was told she went home hours ago & he did not have the phone # he could not call her.

My personnel thoughts were Rite-Aid does not have its employee’s phone numbers ?

Its now 45 minutes later told they would take care of it & call Dr. for new prescription.

Its Friday night I told them my Dr A Internist would not be in on a Friday night, I needed the pills & to find the prescription that I had dropped off & it was in there department somewhere.

Next negative we are very busy right now to help you with the prescription we have not received. I lost my patience.

Told them angrily they were in there department somewhere & they were to find them. Or there would be a lawsuit, (I have never never sued anyone in my life, I basically feel we are responsible for our own actions)

He said I did not have a lawsuit, I repeated how I had asked if the pills were in stock was told yes & told when I could pick them up. That I was a diabetic & now over 1 hour had gone by & I was not feeling very well. ( I did feel rotten at this point & wondered how much longer I could last). He angrily went back & looked again..

When found it was giving to me with them not wanting to take the time to fill it & they did not need a customer who was not going to be nice. 1hr & 15 minutes had gone by at this point.

Where was I to take the prescriptions to get them filled at a area were there are not many pharmacy’s close by, & to make it worse it is getting late at night now.
I said just fill them now I needed them.

He gave papers to girl to put in computer –again I asked this different girl before she would start did they have them in stock?, she looked & said yes they had them all in stock.

Nine in store customers had been taking care of during this time, Four of them had problems with pharmacy service to different degrees & 1 drive in refund for wrong pills was necessary.

I was not the only one with problems with this store.
When found out it was only going to be partial refill & they did not have them all, my husband who had come in the store looking for me after waiting outside for 1 & ½ hours got angry, the girl said she did not have to take being spoken to like that & they would not give me the pills & she was taking my name out of there filing system

Pharmacist came over & asked what I wanted to do?
I was just at a loss then, what was I to do ? Where could I get them filled elsewhere at this hour?. I would not be able to do that, I said fill them.

Pharmacist said he would give me enough of partial for 5 days they would order the rest & they would be in Tuesday. I said I could not pick them up on Tuesday but I could pick them up on Wed. He said fine.

The pharmacist also came over & showed my husband the prescription form & asked can you read the writing & that’s what the pharmacist said was wrong he could not read the patients name. (My thoughts if you could not read the name how did the girl end up putting the info in the computer in the end).

He only gave me 3 pills partial instead of the 5 he said he was going to give me, I did not find out until I got home.

Rite-Aid Pharmacy adds of caring for people did not apply to my experience .

The above took place at
RiteAid Pharmacy
3221 Bayshore Rd
North Cape May N J

From A resident of North Cape May

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