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ripped off by Joanna Fabrics

- S Queen Stree

Basically, my husband bought me a sewing machine singer 4210 from Joann Fabrics. He lost the receipt and when I went to use it for the first time it did not work both the needle threader and fabric feed basically worthless. Called the store to see what their return policy was they said 90 days without a receipt. I was going to just get a different brand after the manager said they had a lot of problems with the 4210 but they didn't carry anything else nor did they have another one to exchange We tried to remember when we got and it was around Spetmeber October. We spoke to the manager and she instructed to bring it back. The box that the machine was in had a shipping label to Joann Fabrics store date and all so it wasn't like we got it somewhere else and tried to return it there or had it sitting around for years. The date on the box was fairly recent to when we brought it back but without a receipt it was memory time. They accepted the return reduced our purchase price gave my husband the return receipt and said a refund check will be mailed in 2 weeks. When we didn't get a refund check we started calling the store and manager just getting the run around a lot of excuses like they wouldn't talk to the store manager. They gave me a toll free number never anyone to speak to. so I sent an email and said if I didn't get a check I was filing suit. called corporate and nothing . I get an email asking for all the particulars about dates times where and all this after a month. Still refusing to issue the check as promised and it has been over a month I start googling the internet finding all kinds of people promised to issue refunds to and Joann Fabrics keeping their merchandise and not giving their refund or merchandise back. I contacted the store and they sent the machine back to the manufacturer so basically they got double money from my sale. I know this can't be legal and if they did not want to do the return they should have never taken my merchandiswe is this how the operations manager from Joann Barics makes 448k a year by ripping off consumers?

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Posted by fcabooks on 03/25/2010
If you can document your claim, file a suit in small claims court.

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