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ResolutionHotline...Really? - Refrigerator-warranty repair

- Greensboro, NC

I have owned my Kenmore refrigerator now for a bit over three years. A week ago Sunday we called Sears to have a repair person come out. They told us we would have to wait till Wednesday before someone could be here. We called several other repair services and finally got someone to come to our home on Monday morning. He told us that we would need all new cooling parts for this and that it should be under warranty. We called Sears back and they said they still could not send someone out till Wednesday. After losing all the food in the freezer and putting most of what was left in the refrigerator in several coolers on ice, we waited till Wednesday afternoon and our repair person arrived. He took the back off the box and told us the refrigerator was dead and we would need to purchase a new one. We told him it was only 3 years old and supposedly still under warranty. He then made a call to Sears and got them to order the parts. At first they suggested that they would only pay for the parts but the repairman read them our warranty and suggested they would need to pay for the parts and labor. They agreed finally and put the parts on rush order and the repair person made an appointment two weeks from that day to return but told us we could call to set an earlier appointment if the parts came in sooner. The parts are now in on Tuesday following the service call and when we called to get an earlier aapt. they said that Wednesday the 31st was the first one they have available. Se they expect us to wait another 8 days before someone will come here to fix the thing. We have called their Resolution hotline, that is a joke, several times person hung up on us, one kept us on hold for over 20 minutes supposedly getting a supervisor before we hung up, and the third told us that we were on hold for so long because their are no supervisors there! Meanwhile we continue to add new ice to the coolers daily, just to be able to drink coffee in the morning and have breakfast before going to work, but also have had to eat out each day because we cannot cook at home! If you can help us we would be very grateful. Thanks!!!

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