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Publix the great?....or not........

Although I did not have to wait in line at there store I did however discover that publix uses bulbs in there meat case to enhance the color. I bought a package if rib-eye steaks that looked fine in the store but the moment i stepped outside, you would not believe the color!! There is a grocery chain down here called Winn-Dixie and it may not have all the nice decor of a publix you can guarantee that there meat is the best. I always buy from there. I just hope they hang around!

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Reader Comments:

Posted by gwinnettman30045 on 09/19/2007
So let's see, those magic lights were also all throughout the store and then presto chango, the meat turns color outside. You probably also believe that there was a second gunman on the grassy knoll and that Fox "News" is acutally fair and balanced. Winn Dixie pulled out of our area because of the poour quality of their products and services and they were losing money.

Posted by techdano on 01/11/2008
Oh I thought my Publix was the only crappy overpriced store. Since they replaced their meat manager I've gotton ground beef with lots of bone, grissell, ground tendon that cooks up like sick fibers, not to mention meat with date codes so far in advance-don't we consumers trust these dates to be true- only to find mold on it or worst yet it smells like rotting garbage when you open the package!!!! Where is quality control??? Its about how much profit they can make. I average a $600 to $700 a month grocery bill of HARD EARNED $$$$$$$ !!!!! Disgusted in Boynton Beach Florida

Posted by fcabooks on 03/24/2010
I'd rather take a bullet than shop at a Winn-Dixie.

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