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Larry Whitlock from Wealth Pool took off his bathing suit to start Prosperity Sh - Distributor Membership

- 5575 South Semoran Blvd

In September my boyfriend told me about this new company called Prosperity Shopping Network. He stated that I could make a monthly recurring income for the life of the company with a little as one sale. He said with my membership I would receive $29,000 in gift certificates in which I could use in two different ways. I could purchase items off of the PSNCERT.COM website or I could sell the gift certificates to people. He also explained that if I recruited someone else to sign up at $3999, that I would be qualified to receive shared company commissions for 2 shared company commission levels SCC1 & SCC2 for the life of the company.

I wanted to find out more information about the company so, I went to one of their meetings at a realtor’s office in Orlando. Just as he had stated, the representative from Prosperity Shopping Network explained about Shared company commissions for the life of the company, gift certificates, a cruise for 2 to the leadership conference, and different levels that you can move up to if you got people to join the company. You could also make commission on every person you signed up. She stated they were moving to a new office space in November with meeting rooms etc.. . The said the company was growing and that we could make $3000 to $5000 a month in shared company commissions. I thought this was great because it sounded like I would definitely make my money back and then some.

In October I decided to sign up with the company so I could start collecting share company commissions. I spent $8999.00 on my membership, and I also got a friend of mine to sign up with $3999 for their membership. My boyfriend also decided to upgrade himself to SCC3 and made several sales in order to do this. We filled out the necessary paperwork and attempted to bring it up to the office. The office was very hard to find because the office didn't have a sign on it. When we finally found the office it wasn't what I expected. There were no file cabinets, only boxes on the floor with rubber bands wrapped around paperwork. Before we handed in our application and money I asked to speak with Larry Whitlock the founder of the company. I asked him about the sign not being on the door and the office being scarce. He stated they were moving to the new office and they moved most of the office supplies there. He also stated that he didn’t want to invest in a sign because he would just have to buy a new one for the new office. It sounded like a fair answer, considering they were moving to the new larger office space.
The first month, it seems everything was going as planned. I placed my first gift certificate order, and I also sold one certificate to my friend. As I placed my order I noticed that the shipping and handling charges where very expensive, much higher than any other shopping network so, I only ordered one item. It took 4 weeks to ship even though the website stated items usually ship in a week. My friend also ordered three items from Prosperity Shopping network and it took almost 5 weeks to arrive and one of the items wasn't even what she ordered. The only way to contact the product distributing company was by email but, every time I emailed them I never received a reply. I called the Prosperity Shopping Network Corporate office and complained, they explained that they had received several complaints about orders being placed with the product distributor and that they were looking into a replacement company to produce products to PSN members. So needless to say, it was quite difficult to use the gift certificates. In October, Larry Whitlock (the owner of Prosperity Shopping Network), kept sending out emails to all the members saying that the company had found a new distributor for products and we would be informed when the new change was to take effect. Well, that was three months ago. Since the company was fairly new and still going through growing pains, I decided to wait for the new product distributor to be in place before I tried to use my gift certificates again. After all, I was still to receive shared company commissions on two levels every month.

There were many changes in the way the company operated from week to week, and it was very difficult to figure out how to sell the membership. My first month to receive SSC'S (LEVEL 1 & LEVEL 2) was in October, in which I did receive $94.00 for level 1 and $404.00 for level 2. In November, I also received the same amounts for Level 1 & Level 2. In between these two months Larry Whitlock kept sending out emails every week telling everyone to upgrade their membership and to bring as many members into the company as possible, because after December their will no longer be shared company commissions for those people signing up. He kept giving us deadlines and then after the deadlines had passed he extended the dead line again and again. I'm sure they made lots of money and it seemed as if sales were going well for the company but, early January everyone received an email stating that sales were at an all time low and they had to make several cut backs one of them being moving out of the new much larger office, back into the old office and that they were in the process of looking for another company to sub-lease the new space to cut cost. The email also stated they were going to be letting go of most of their office staff so, we would no longer be able to contact PSN by phone only through email and to allow 24-48hrs for a response.

The following week, I received another email stating do not attempt to recruit any additional members or distributors to PSN while they have this sales freeze. They also stated that because there was a sales freeze they will not be paying out any Shared Company Commissions. I was promised shared company commissions for the life of the company. This email also stated; DO NOT place any more product orders with your certificates until they find a replacement product distributor. The following week I received another email stating that they had terminated PSN’S contract with David Fonseca, Director of Operations and that David is no longer providing services to PSN and is no longer associated with PSN in any way. So, basically they want us to wait around while they either reinvent the company after they took my life savings. I did some research on my own through Florida Department of State Division of Corporations, and found out that the same week (Jan 3, 2008) they sent out the first email stating that sales where at an all time low, and the had to cut back drastically, Larry Whitlock and David Fonseca opened two new companies, Online Media Systems and Global Payout systems.

Since I had sent out several email to Larry Whitlock and hadn’t received a reply, I decided to try and visit the Prosperity Shopping Network offices, in hopes to get some clarity on what was really going on with Prosperity Shopping Network. I first went to the old office Larry had said they moved back to, and no one was there. I then decided to go to the new office, the one Larry Whitlock stated in his early January email they were moving out of and are actively looking for someone to sublease the space to cut cost. I discovered a paper sign on the door that said Online Media Systems. To say the least, I was shocked for a number of reasons; one being Larry Whitlock said he was looking to subleasing the space to cut cost and two David Fonseca was still working with Larry. I did some additional research and found out there’s another company called PSN Publishing, LLC that Larry and Dean Schaible own together. I thought Dean just worked for PSN but I found out different. I also found out that Larry Whitlock also worked for Wealth Pools International. Wealth Pools is now under investigation for fraud. A couple of PSN members went to Dean’s home and confronted him about what’s going on, and he stated that he hasn’t been with the company since November because he found out Larry Whitlock was taking more of a cut of the profits for himself.

He also stated that Larry put several people on the payroll who never even worked for PSN such as Larry’s wife. At this point I emailed Larry Whitlock one final time and told him everything I found out. I explained that I was going to take legal action against him, and that I wanted my money back. That same day I received two emails from Larry Whitlock. He stated…. You have done a remarkable job in coming up with information we had been holding off sharing with everyone (although you have made the wrong conclusion).
But, since you now know about Online Media, we will be informing everyone in our next email about everything that there is to tell about that particular company and arrangement.

He made no mention of giving me my money back. I don’t believe he had any intention of sharing this information with anyone. I believe I’ve been ripped off. I paid into this company to make money. At this time,I can’t make sales to get commission, I can’t use my gift certificates, I haven’t received my cruise for two to any leadership conference, and most of all I’m not getting paid the shared company commissions I was told I would receive every month. I feel that I’ve been deceived and I want my money back. I’ve already contacted my attorney who is drafting a demand letter on my behalf. In addition, I am asking for your assistance to help me get my money back. Thank you.

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Reader Comments:

Posted by John on 01/24/2008
I'm going through the exact same thing with this company. You need to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission.

Posted by Samantha0123 on 01/31/2008
I'm so glad I'm not the only one filing a complaint on this company. PSN is just another pyramid scheme. I also contacted the BBB.

Posted by T.Lawson on 02/01/2008
I was wondering if anyone could tell me how I can get my money back from this company. I spent all my savings on this company and now I too can't find the owner of the company or get in contact with anyone. Now they have cut off the website totally. If there's anyone out there that can help please let me know asap.Thanks

Posted by pmiranda on 02/09/2008
The only way this "scambag" Larry Witlock and his fraudulent company will be brought to justice is if everyone that was involve in PSN and was a victim of this fraud makes a complaint with the FTC, the FBI and the BBB, otherwise nothing will be done and this guy will be loose scaming more people and taking their money. The Feds do not investigate on individual complaints, they have to have many complaints about PSN in order to start an investigation against PSN. I have made complaints about PSN as well, lost $15,000, however it seems the system works in the favor of fraudulent people. So everyone that was a member and victim of this fraud(PSN) please make a written complaint, so further actions can be taken by the Feds. Thank you.

Posted by badpapao4 on 02/28/2008
Upon reading the complaint by tazyworld03 about larry whitlock,I to, am searching for him as well.

In January as stated, he moved out of the office he was in and moved to an unknown location. He still is under a lease agreement with the landlord where he moved from. Needless to say he has defaulted on the lease agreement.

I have done some homework as to his where abouts but have only found that he has a UPS dropbox on South Semoran close to his old office.

If anyone knows of his whereabouts please contact
me at

Posted by shriver45 on 02/29/2008
With so many people complaining about this company you would think that there would be some sort of punishment for Larry Whitlock. He took advantage of so many people including me. My name is ana and I believe the only way that any of us would be able to seek restitution is to sue Larry Whitlock for discrimination. He focused his company on the Hispanic community, thinking that either we were too broke or didn't speak enough english to be able to hold our own in a court room. He claims we all bought membership into this shared company commission company and that we all decided to stop selling in December, and that's why the company went down. Well Larry Whitlock made a lot of money well before December, he set us all up because Prosperity shopping network much resembled a company that is now under Federal investigation, Wealthpool in which the infamous Larry Whitlock was a part of. Larry knew exactly what he was doing he wanted to get out before the feds caught up with him. He made so many changes with the company it was impossible to keep up with. He then made us all chose if we wanted to be a member (in which we wouldn't be able to sell and make commission) or if we wanted to be a distributor (enabling us to sell and make commission). Larry new with all the shared company commissions at stake that noone in their right mind would want to give up there stake in the pot and most people would chose to become a member. After all if we didn't sell we wouldn't be able to collect our scc's for that month. He set us up and it's time for him to pay! In all reality what did we get for our money? Gift certificates that we can't use and a membership to a product distripution company that Larry himself told us not to use anymore. We all deserve our money back and we all must ban together in a class action DISCRIMINATION LAWSUIT against Larry Whitlock.

Posted by number1cc on 03/25/2008
Look everyone, you were not born yesterday and a judge will bring that to your attention. I was approched by a family member to buy in on this pyramid scam and of course decided not to. Unless you have lived under a rock, which most of you sound very intelligent, and you haven't seen the light of day in years, this is the same ole scam.
You wanted to make a fast EASY buck and it kicked you in the butt. You will never get any place trying to scam people. Think of the people you tried to sell to or spend their life savings on this scam. You yourself are scam artist, just that you didn't make as much money as Whitlock and the others. Many of you stated you were earning profits each month. Where do you think that money came from? From the friends you just brought into the scam. HELLO!
Now all you can hope for is a judge will order these guys to pay back the money. Your chances of getting one red cent isn't very good. They probably have everything they own in their kids names and they don't own a thing for you to take. Happens every single day.
Good luck, but better yet, stop looking for that easy million dollars. It's not going to happen to you or any of the friends you just took down with you.

Posted by tracee on 04/16/2008
My company, not related to PSN, met larry in December and he agreed to partner up with us and our technology. We had him come in to our offices, talked, flew employees to set up his studio in Orlando, provided our unique technology, etc.. Then he joins the witness protection program and pops up under a new name and company with everything that was ours. I am just wondering if this PSN thing was ever resolved? Anyone have any luck?

Posted by siouxgirl_1 on 05/04/2008
Sorry to hear these deceitful people have cheated you out of your money. I have specific knowledge of Dean Schaible and his involvement with this company and others from years past. If anyone has any specific information about Dean Schaible with this company or any other, please forward the information to me at, as I will also help provide any new information I obtain on Larry Whitlock. Thank you.

Posted by shadowthunder on 07/11/2008
I hope everyone is ok ,BUT Im sure I have you all beat.My name is Sharon Im Larry's ex wife.Larry has been doing this for years,where do I begin... "Taking back America"" Circle of winners" Being aPastor at a church (Church of God" in Fort Scott Kansas,alot of other things .BUT the worst is my children and I have been in hell because of him.Larry owes 38,000 in back child sup. Everytime we go to court he crys around about being poor.I would like to share more, so if anyone would like to contact me my e-mail is

Posted by eddie on 09/26/2008
I have larry whitlocks email address and phone number if anyone wants it. Call me at 503-839-8745. He has been trying to get me into business with him for awhile. I know a scammer when I see one though.

Posted by siouxgirl_1 on 10/20/2008
Don't think Larry is the only one who scammed all of you. Dean Schaible is business partners with Larry and they have been stealing money from people like you since their last business venture called, Wealth Pool. Dean likes to portray that he is a victim like you, but he and Larry are best friends. Dean is a lying thief and always will be. I have personal knowledge of this since I am his ex-wife. I'm sorry Sharon for everything you have gone through. I am going through the same thing with Dean. Dean owe's thousands in back child support. Like you, I took him to court, but of course he cried poor mouth, I guess he didn't get his monthly commission from all of you from all of his numerous pyramid scams. Oh by the way, in case any of you are trying to contact Dean, his address is: 1580 Shady Oak Drive, Kissimmee, Florida. He has a NEW cell phone number, 321-442-5542. He keeps changing it because he is trying to avoid all of you. KEEP CALLING!

Posted by jamesmiller on 02/12/2009
Here we go again another Larry Whitlock scam, watch out for TOCS it's toxic.........

Posted by Larry Whitlock (September 26, 2008).
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Posted by sus89 on 02/12/2009
Wow look what I found. Larry's in Tennessee scamming people.......

Americans Need a Bailout Plan
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Larry Whitlock
United States of America
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This rapid recession is creating a fenzy of full and part-time home based businesses for fear that the J-O-B might not be there for the long haul. For years now the majority of the population have been living paycheck to paycheck attempting to eek out some kind of existance.

Is there a simplier, easier way to provide for our families?

Well there is hope on the horizon and leading the way is a 2 year old C A S H Leveraging system called The Overnight C a s h System or TOCS for short.

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source: FPR

Based on the hundreds of testimonies that are pouring in, TOCS is bailing people out who were on the verge of filing bankruptcy. The secret to TOCS is found in their automated online marketing system. It seems to be simple and dummy proof for the average guy or gal who is not a "internet guru".

According to those who are utilizing TOCS, they get excited when the door bell rings or there is a knock on the door, because they know it is an overnight delivery with CA SH .

With the progression of a failing economy and an onslaught of massive layoffs

Posted by Demandfortruth on 09/19/2013
Hey I'm in Pittsburgh pa working at ENC Nutritionals!!


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