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- St ZPetersburg Florida

On October 24th, Alberto, the service technician from Affordable TV Repair came to my home in St Petersburg to evaluate my TV. I paid $50 for this service call and was told the power supply was not working. Alberto took the part and the next day I decided not to have the TV repaired by this company. I asked that the part be returned to me. I was told it would be delivered within the week. Since then, I have called this company every week with the same response - it will be there today or before Saturday. I am still without the part. Now, the company will not take my calls. They either hang up during the conversation or do not pick up at all. This is the only TV I own and I have been without a TV for almost 2 months. The part is only $100 and the labor was $200 plus change. I know someone who will not charge the labor; however, I need the part to order a new one and cannot get them to return it. I would appreciate your help.

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