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Possible attempt -Identity theft? - Crdit card services

- MT 1-406-219-8634 @1:26 PM EDT

April 12 2011 1:26 PM EDT Recieved a recorded message from "your credit card company;"This call is to inform you that you may be eligible to lower the interest rate on your crewdit card." then; "This is your last chance to reduce your credit card rate to as low as 6.9%, to continue this call press 1 to hear more about this offer -or- 2 to end this call". "Again, this is your last chance to take advantage of this special offer", "Tontinue, press 1, otherwise press 2 to be diconnected"

I waited about 10 seconds and finally hit '1' but I believe they just bounced to the next pigeon on another line. The redial # 1-1-406-219-8634 prompted a standard recording "You have reached a number that is no longer in service, if you feel you have reached this recording in error, check the listing and try later".

My caller ID said: Bozeman MT

I have received this call before and finally hit '2' with the same result, 10 seconds later; series of beeps, and redialed the number with the samerecording, approx 2 weeks ago and about a mont before. It has become more frequent. Is this story been heard before? Is it an attempt at 'Fraud" or could it have been real? Who knows, if my elderly father had received this call would he be cleaned out in a heartbeat? I do not know, but I wanted to share this with someone who ia; "On my side" like Dorothy Fuldheim! What would she think about all this happening?

I can only wonder.

David Canavan
Green, Ohio

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