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- Erie, PA.

My wife and I had cancelled service with Direct TV due to poor and or bad service. The bill was incorrect form the first month, in which, we would have to call every month to rectify the bill. I was told by direct TV empolyees that the fee was for leasing the equipment, which I have sent back to direct TV all of the equipment that I had. When that was questioned direct TV said that the fee was for a 2 year contract that was cancelled. I told them I did not sign a 2 year contract and asked for an agreement with my signature on it. They said they would send me a signed copy. I still do not have that signed copy of an agreement. I am disputing this fee because of poor service month after month. We have paid in full and on time for the services that we had. I will not pay for services that were poor. If I go out to eat and do not like the service, I will pay for the meal, however, I will not return to eat there again. I should not have to call direct every month for an overbilling issue. The cancellation fee is $338.61 for account number 44589451. I have sent this matter to the BBB as well. Most of the customer service representatives have been rude, a few were helpful, this also includes managers.

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