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- Norcross, Georgia

Comcast service began in my home on April 4th 2011,with a deposit of $150.00 On May 2nd 2011 We had service disconnected. On May fourth their equiptment was pick up.

We choose The Preferred Plus which includes One Demand, HBO, STARZ included Video Equipment High Speed Internet Voice unlimited. We noticed on each statement there is and additional charge of $7.89 for voice service.

On day of installation the tech left us with 2 cable boxes. When we could not view our movie channels, we called Comcast to ask why and was told that the boxes were basic and we need cable boxes that would cost an additional $8.00 a month each. Our question to them was, If we ordered movie channels why did they give us basic boxes and why were we not told when the order was processed. We agreed, they mailed the appropiate boxes and we returned the basic boxes.

In receiving the first statement for a total of $336.19 we understood that included was one month in advance. This statement called for payment on April 25th 2011 for amount due of $186.19 Statement showedthat the deposit of $150.00 was applied to the bill.

A second statement received was for total charges of $374.70 to be paid on May 19th, 2011. Included was the amount of $186.19 which we acknowledge.

The third statement received was for a total of $719.98 which has a due date of May 3rd 2011.

We should not be responsible for any charges after May 2, when we had service disconnected, there may be some prorated charges of a couple of days but we find this total bill of $719.98 for one months service to be outrageous. We should not be charged for service we did not use. They are "POCKETBOOK PIMP'S and should be ashamed.

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