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Toy Maltese / Bishon Or Pony - Puppy Sale

- 1837 E. Orangethorpe, Placentia, Ca 92870

I purchased a dog from this company, a maltese female, well so I thought for 2,000 when I bought her I was told a maltese from this breeder will be between 4-6 pounds but this one from 3-5. Anyway I was promised the dog was in excellent condition and had papers and a full vet check before being sold. Well no papers and the very next day I took her in for a vet check, she had been suffering a major ear infection. No comment from the seller, still no vet paperwork from the owner. He ha also overcharged me, not much but an additional 30,00 for supplies he never gave me nor would he refund the money. As the dog grew, we noticed that she was getting very large, height and weight wise, and was told that she was probably a mix dog with a Bishon Frise. She was over 12 pounds and standing more than double the size of a maltese, her legs were incredibly long. This small toy breed dog had turned into a small+ dog when stretched out she is almost the size of a 4 year old child. The owner is supposedly never in and refuses to respond to the better business b. We bought a small dog thinking we could take her around with us, and well now friends and neighbors refer to her as the small pony. I do not want people to spend money and go through what we are currently. She continues to grow......

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