P.C Richard & Son Complaint

Lied to by Management in Store that they will take care of problem.

I purchased T.V and Bose System. Salesman told me I would get 18 months no payment and no interest. on purchase date 12/06/04. Invoice #1-1483975-1 On my bill it was stated that on the TV I got 12 months and Bose 6months I never read the bill. I took the saalesman word. Starting on my June Statement I started getting charge interest I called the store of course I was wrong to not read the fine print. I comlained to assistant manager Chris at that time and he said come in and we will work something out. I did go in he said all he can do is give me 12 months on both and I would get credited the interest. This did not happen so I called again and they told me there was a new assitant manager and manager now so I must come in. I saw Carmello the assitant manager and told him the story he said he would take care of this and I would get credit for the interest. I must wait 2 billing cycles in oirder to see this credit. Well it never happened so I called the corporate office and they said this will be taken care of wait 2 more billing cycles. Well up to this date they did nothing. I bought many appliances in this store and I should have not been lied to. I have witnesses each time I went into the store to talk with management. Can I get help? Thank you

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